Jurassic World Trailer Review


  • I have this friend who is possibly the only dude from my friend circle that likes talking about upcoming movies.
    • He’s not as into them as myself, but hey, anything’s a victory in my eyes.
  • Avengers Age of Ultron is currently my most anticipated film for 2015, and Jurassic World is his.
    • So we’ve both been counting down to the trailer.
      • And we were both pleasantly surprised when it dropped two days early (today!).

Trailer Talk

  • Since I haven’t done a Trailer Review with this new style yet, know that “Trailer Talk” will be the only heading other than preface because there aren’t many categories to split up.
  • That being said, I was mostly impressed by this trailer.
  • I thought all the visuals looked really cool and the park felt real to me.
    • I want to go to Jurassic World now, and that’s a heavy complement to the trailer.
  • Also, Chris Pratt in this trailer.
    • He isn’t doing goofball Star-Lord humor.
      • I was worried that he may try that in more stuff since it worked so well in Guardians, but I’m happy to see he won’t be.
        • Or will be, but very little.
      • And let’s talk about the two big money shots in this trailer: the shark scene, and the motorcycle chase scene.
        • I feel like they could have ended the trailer with the shark scene and I would have been impressed, but then that might have been too much of a teaser, I guess…
        • And that motorcycle chase scene at the end looks like the definition of epic.
      • I also like the premise they’re going after here, which is the hybridization of two dinosaurs.
      • That being said, we’ve now crossed into my negatives about the trailer.
      • I like the dinosaur hybrid plotline, but (and my friend agrees with me on this) it looks like after the dino gets loose, Jurassic World turns into Alien.
        • I could be wrong on that, but that’s how it’s presented to me.
        • It looks like Alien Takes Disneyworld or something.
      • And my other negative is how cliché and predictable a lot of the trailer seems.
        • Example: the minute the mom said, “if you see anything dangerous then run,” I immediately knew that the trailer would end with the kid crouched down and a dino going by him, with “Run,” in the background…
        • There isn’t even a ton of dialogue here, but it does seems like a lot of it is a collage from the original Jurassic World and some other mismatched movies.
  • With all that in mind, this is a positive trailer in my eyes (nowhere near as epic as Age of Ultron, but whatever…) but it does have some aspects I hope are changed up a bit in the film.
  • I’m really interested in Jurassic World and I think it could be a really sweet reimagining of the Jurassic Part Universe.
    • And the only one that exists other than the original Jurassic Park…


So guys, those are my thoughts on the first trailer for Jurassic World! What are your thoughts? Let me know down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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