Thank You Guys!!

  • Believe it or not, this is already my 100th Post on My Movie Thoughts!
  • I was thinking of what movie to review, or what news to cover in celebration of this event, but instead I think a thank you is order.
  • I just started this blog in June of this year, and I’m impressed with myself for making it this far, and for you all for supporting me.
  • It isn’t my wish to share exact statistics here, but the summer had a great viewership, September and October a little less (naturally so), but still remaining over 100 people (visitors, not views), and November 2014 was the biggest month yet with around 250 visitors.
    • These numbers probably seem small, but for someone who is only about 6 months into this experience, it’s great.
  • I understand that watching a video review is probably a lot more appealing and entertaining, so I appreciate all of you old fashioned folks who keep on comin’ back here.
    • I am going to do 3 videos for the end of the year though.
      • Top 5 Worst of 2014
      • Top 10 Best of 2014
      • And then the last will either be a preface to those two, introducing myself and explaining the process, or a Most Anticipated of 2015.
        • Whichever isn’t a video will be in print-form here.
  • So again, thank you guys so much for motivating me to get to my 100th post, and I expect to only do more from here!!


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