The Theory of Everything Review


  • I had heard about how fantastic this film was, and how out-of-control the performances were, so I was pretty intrigued.
    • Stephen Hawking movie, sounds good!
  • Going in, you guys should know though: I’m not a huge biopic person though, for a few reasons. (Unless it’s The Social Network)
    • 1, I feel like far too often they tell slices of the person’s story, assuming you already know enough and just want to see it as a movie.
      • That’s why I wasn’t a huge fan of Lincoln.
    • 2, Paralleling the other, it tells you too much and turns into a script-biography of the person’s life.
  • Luckily, this film was able to balance the two out nicely and be a very good movie experience.

Cast and Characters

  • Let’s talk about the cast of this movie.
    • Oh, man…
  • Eddie Redmayne is Hawking in this movie and he absolutely nails it.
    • Stephen Hawking has Lou Gehrig’s disease, which isn’t just one straightforward injury but a progressive, deteriorating illness.
      • Redmayne captures each crumpling phase of Hawking’s life unrealistically well.
    • He’s just a fun 20-something at the beginning of the film, and still has a smile on his face at the end, despite the deterioration and transformation the character has endured.
    • He’ll get nominated for an Oscar for sure.
  • And Felicity Jones is pretty good in the movie too.
    • She deserves the nominations coming to her, though I don’t know how many she’ll win.
    • What I mean is this: her performance was really good in the movie, but I feel like you could have put one or two other actresses in her place if needed.
    • She did play a really good character though, and I enjoyed her on screen.
  • Other than those two, there weren’t too many other major characters in the film, and there were a lot of lesser-knowns in roles.


  • The script of this movie is actually really solid.
  • All of the dialogue is realistic, and I was able to follow along with the story.
  • Also, the theories that were being explained were really accessible, like I actually understood them as they were being explained in the movie.
  • There were two script-related things, though, that bothered me.
    • The first was a character who was introduced about halfway through the film, and then a small plotline involving him or her that just brought the movie down.
      • I get that it happened in real life, but it kind of negated the 5/5 movie that had been established.
        • And the movie really was perfect until that part.
      • The other problem I had was that the movie felt like it could have ended about three times, and when it did end, it was just a bit of a drop-off ending.

Themes and Morals

  • This movie had some really great themes though.
  • I loved the themes, more than a lot of movies this year.
    • The film really teaches that you can accomplish anything in life when you put your mind to it.
    • The most important one of the senses isn’t one of the senses at all.
      • It’s our ability to think.
    • The movie really showed what matters to us in life, and he we should all live our lives, and how important everybody, and every mind is.

In Conclusion

  • In conclusion: I’m not a huge biopic person.
  • However, The Theory of Everything really presented a compelling story about Stephen Hawking’s life with a breathtaking lead performance, despite two turns in the script I thought threw the movie from its great course.
  • I expect to hear a lot about this movie come Oscar nominations, though I don’t know that it would win any…



So guys, those are my thoughts on the Theory of Everything! Have you seen this movie? If so, leave your thoughts down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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