The Imitation Game Review


  • Ya know, when I was watching this thinking of the code-cracking part like an episode of Sherlock.
  • THEN I realized the tie between both: they both take place in England

Cast and Characters

  • Benedict Cumberbatch leads the cast in this one, which continues to show the crazy amount of talent that Benedict Cumberbatch truly possesses.
  • He’s probably gonna get an Oscar nomination for this one, and he worked for it.
  • Cumberbatch isn’t just the snarky genius in this one, or the supernatural being, both of which people have grouped him into recently.
  • He plays this troubled genius type of man, who’s constantly conflicted throughout the film.
  • And that conflict is really well-done, more on that later.
  • But literally every character in this movie has the best chemistry possible with other characters.
    • There’s this one scene where characters are in a bar and one goes over to hit-on another, and I was thinking to myself, “this is exactly how people would actually act in this kind of situation.”
  • All of the chemistry was great, and Cumberbatch’s Turing was fantastic.
    • After Lou Bloom and Amy Dunne, he’s probably my favorite movie character from 2014.


  • The direction of this movie was done really well in how it portrayed conflict.
  • Conflict was an apparent part of Alan Turing’s life, and it was brought to life in The Imitation Game.
  • Each scene felt like a new conflict had to be resolved, however easy or hard that conflict may be.
  • Oh and also, the code-cracking in this movie was superb.


  • I do have one flaw with the movie.
  • Sometimes the science was used a little bit too much, and you needed to take an extra minute to figure something out.
    • The Theory of Everything and Interstellar made the science really accessible to you, but The Imitation Game did make it a little harder to catch up, despite being really smart.

In Conclusion

  • In conclusion, Benedict Cumberbatch completely stole this movie with his portrayal of Alan Turing.
  • But the script was also great, I loved the portrayal of conflict in the movie.
  • I like that the movie felt smart without ever making you feel dumb.
    • Though there are a couple points where you need to mentally catch up.
  • This was a short review because there isn’t much more I can critique the movie on.
  • The Imitation Game was emotional and a really beautiful story that I’m glad I got to see and am happy is getting plenty of recognition this award season.


  • I don’t know if this would have been on my Top 10 of 2014, but it is no doubt one of the honorable mentions for number 10!


So guys, those are my thoughts on The Imitation Game! Have you all seen this movie? I know its theater schedule has been very weird… But if you have seen it: let me know down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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