Golden Globes 2015 Winners – My Thoughts


  • Alright, let me tell you guys right-out-the-gate that I most likely will not be tuning in to the Golden Globes in 2016.


  • Was this a fun award show?
  • It wasn’t as fun as last year, but it was enjoyable to watch.
  • As for who won which award?
    • Yeah that wasn’t really fun at all.
  • And I just wanted to make one or two quick disclaimers:
    • These are my opinions on how the 2015 Golden Globes went down.
      • I’m not saying this is how you should feel, this is just how I feel having watched them and not having been a fan of many of the results.
    • Second disclaimer: I recognize (as always when I completely rage out on something here) that I’m just gonna sound like some comment section turd-brain teenager who posts what he thinks and runs away.
      • That isn’t my intention.
      • I just didn’t think that these awards were given to the people or films who best deserved them, with a lot of good reason, and keep reading for why.
    • Disclaimers are now out of the way, so let’s discuss this trainwreck on TV!

True Detective

  • Click here for my review of True Detective.
  • I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED True Detective so much.
  • Matthew McConaughey gave his best performance ever, Woody Harrelson is the best that he’ll probably ever be, all of the acting is absolutely flawless.
  • It was dark, it was compelling, you never wanted to look away from the screen.
  • In my opinion, it’s one of the best television season runs ever put on the small screen.
  • It lost in the Emmy’s this past year, sure, but that was merited because it was going against Breaking Bad.
    • One of the few shows that I would say deserves to win over TD.
  • However, it lost its two shots tonight to Fargo.
  • I’ve seen, I think, 3 episodes of Fargo which may not qualify me to talk about it, though here’s why I still am going to.
    • Fargo didn’t interest me a ton.
    • It was a bit uninteresting and hard to follow at times.
    • I thought the acting wasn’t bad, and it’s a pretty typical miniseries.
  • True Detective blew these points out of the water because it made the most of the little time it had and gave stellar performances.
  • Matthew McConaughey crafted one of my favorite characters in all of television history on True Detective, yet he lost to Billy Bob Thornton.
    • Who’s a good actor, yes, but he wasn’t even the best or most compelling on the show in my opinion.
  • This would be like if Breaking Bad lost to Downton Abbey.
    • Is Downton Abbey a good show?
    • Sure!
    • But it is no where NEAR close to the level of drive or complexity and emotion that Breaking Bad has.


  • Click here for my review of Birdman.
  • I haven’t seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, but I’m willing to make a BOLD prediction.
  • I predict that Birdman will WIN–not only get nominated, but WIN–Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year.
  • I’ve found with movies like Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr. Fox that Wes Anderson has a very particular style, and because it’s so artsy, people seem to just go along with it and praise it.
  • I hadn’t heard ANYTHING about Grand Budapest Hotel other than it was by Wes Anderson and starred Ralph Fiennes, but was it really SO good that it could beat Birdman?
  • Birdman was this genre-transcending, brilliantly-crafted master work that provided social commentary and an enlightening mindset to how we live our everyday lives.
  • I thought it was a lock to win!
  • Maybe I just need to check out Grand Budapest Hotel, but like I said, I’m betting that Birdman is nominated for, and WINS (in caps every time) the Academy Award for Best Picture.
    • I’ll do a full predictions list in the next few days before they’re announced.


  • Click here for my review of Boyhood.
  • I’ll do a small little section after this for Patricia Arquette/Emma Stone, but let’s talk about the Directing and Best Drama awards that Boyhood took home.
  • These I didn’t have a problem with because I figure that Directing was between Birdman and Boyhood.
    • I was totally fine with Boyhood getting Best Director, because this is the definition of a beautifully-directed movie.
    • For a 12-year accomplishment, then it’s great!
    • I was hoping that Iñárritu would get it just because of how stylistic he was, but Linklater did a good job.
  • Only, the direction and a couple performances were the only things that stood out about Boyhood.
  • I said in my review that I thought Boyhood was shot well, directed well, and that Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette gave good performances.
  • It isn’t exactly well-written though.
  • Like let’s be real here, what’s the plot of Boyhood?
    • “Oh, John! It’s about a boy who grows up over the course of–”
    • STOP!
    • Not the theme, the plot.
  • Yeah there’s no real beginning or end, despite how impressive it was, and I did like the film, I gave it a 4/5.
  • I just don’t think that it should be the winner at the Oscars, nor should it have been such a nailbiter for Best Screenplay, which it wasn’t too deserving of.
  • Like I said, I predicted this, and I was happy about it, but I think that Birdman should take the cake at the Oscars for Best Picture, though Boyhood gets the Best Director.

Patricia Arquette/Emma Stone

  • Man, I was really hoping Emma Stone would get this one!
  • I had a feeling Patricia Arquette would, but in all honesty, I think Emma Stone was better in Birdman.
  • Patricia Arquette was very moving, but she only got emotional in about two scenes of the movie.
  • Emma Stone had Arquette’s emotion in those two scenes throughout the entire movie!
  • Arquette will probably win Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars too, which she worked hard to earn, but I think that the Golden Globe (a less prestigious award) should have gone to Emma Stone for her work.

J.K. Simmons

  • We now interrupt this rant for a congratulatory message!
  • This was the first award of the night, and the easiest.
  • Best Supporting Actor had J.K. Simmons written all over it, though I feel bad for Edward Norton who created this amazing character.
    • Hopefully he got second prize.
  • It was bothersome that Whiplash got no other nominations here though…
  • I think it will get a Best Picture nomination (more on that later this week), so it could have taken over Foxcatcher easily.

Gone Girl

  • I was such a big fan of Gone Girl.
  • I read the book after seeing the movie, I’m currently reading another book (Dark Places) by Gillian Flynn, the same author, and I just re-watched Gone Girl last week.
  • I loved this movie so much because of how clever, meticulous, and smart the plot was.
  • I think Gillian Flynn should’ve won Best Screenplay, but I am happy that at least Birdman got it.
  • And I can confirm that Julianne Moore will win the Oscar for Still Alice, as I knew she would win this award.
    • BUT I did have Rosamund Pike circled on my prediction sheet cuz I thought that just maybe they would recognize her…
  • Even the Best Score didn’t go to Gone Girl, which I was surprised at!
    • I was also shocked it didn’t go to Birdman or Interstellar (my 2 and 3).
  • So I thought Gone Girl could potentially walk away winning all three of its nominations, but it didn’t even get one…

Other Stray Observations

  • I was happy that Eddie Redmayne won Best Lead Actor, because he was deserving of that.
    • Even if the first part of the movie was great and the second part was less than decent…
  • I thought that there might be an upset and Big Hero 6 would win Best Animated, but How to Train Your Dragon 2 was also really good.
    • And I thought Lego Movie was only okay, which makes me a horrible human being, I guess.
  • I think that almost all of the Best Comedy or Musical category could’ve been redone this year.
  • I would’ve put in:
    • Birdman
    • Grand Budapest Hotel (cuz apparently it’s SOOOO great!)
    • This Is Where I Leave You
    • The Fault in Our Stars
    • 22 Jump Street
  • Not perfect, but hey.
    • And Jason Bateman could’ve gotten a Best Comedic Actor nom, but that’s my opinion, I know some people didn’t like This Is Where I Leave You.
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a pretty good job hosting though, despite the awkward Bill Cosby and North Korea gags…
  • In retrospect, I understand that the Golden Globes are voted on by only 70 people, where the Oscars have 6-7,000 people.
  • So this one will not be as credible, though you’d assume there would be a lot more in our favor if they’re trying to represent a show “less pretentious” than the Oscars.
  • Maybe the Oscars just have my standards too high?
    • Cuz the Oscars are my favorite day of the year, right after Christmas and right before the first day of summer.
  • But I am at least happy that we’re now in award season, however crappy the results may be…


So guys, there’s my rant/thoughts on the Golden Globes of 2015! I’m pretty sure I’ve divided some of you with these opinions, so let me know if I’m wrong or what you would’ve picked down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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