Jurassic World Super Bowl Spot Review


  • When iSpot.tv said there was gonna be a Batman v. Superman trailer during the Super Bowl, I actually believed them.
  • That being said, I’m gonna be on a trip this week Wednesday through Sunday so no reviews of Jupiter Ascending (whew…) or The SpongeBob Movie (whew again…).
  • But I GUARANTEE a Batman v. Superman trailer will drop during that time, and I’m sorry, I know I’m letting you all down once again…
  • But during the Super Bowl, there was another trailer that I thought was pretty interesting…

Trailer Talk

  • My problem with the first trailer to Jurassic World is that it painted the movie in two different lights and I wasn’t a fan of either.
    • (1) Trying to be like Tomorrowland (not bad trailer) with all its fun park attractions!
    • (2) A rip-off of Alien with one dinosaur parading around the park killing people.
  • Luckily, both of these were swept after seeing this new spot.
  • This did still resemble a theme-park-ish movie a bit, but it seemed like this trailer focused more on the staff and workers of Jurassic World.
    • If the movie does that and shows more of the mechanics behind the island, then that would actually be pretty cool.
  • And then the next half of the trailer does paint the same picture of the one baddie dino being the main threat, but it looked like all the chaos on the island was caused by MANY of the other dinos too.
  • And that feeling of chaos in this amusement park was what made it so cool, because (in addition to lighting of how it was filmed) it looks like this movie could be really different from a lot of the other Jurassic Park movies thus far.
    • Granted, do I think this movie will be great? No.
    • But I do think this will be a positive movie and will sit around a 72-76% on Rotten Tomatoes after all is said and done.
  • I do still have some doubts in the tone, and some CGI looked questionable, but overall I’m a lot more excited for this movie than I was after the first trailer.
    • The first trailer just showed a bunch a couple-second clips from the movie that all seemed glued together.
    • This trailer had a better flow and set the tone for the movie, like the Star Wars and Avengers trailers did.
  • So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Jurassic World does turn out to be like, though I do have at least a little more faith now.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the Super Bowl Spot to Jurassic World! What are your guys thoughts on this spot? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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