Spider-Man Officially Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!


  • I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who reads this blog and he asked me, “what’s your favorite of your own posts?”
  • No less than three weeks later, it’s fact!
  • And if you didn’t check out my thoughts on the rumors, then check those out. If you want a recap: I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!
  • Now that you guys know how hyped I am for this, I’m gonna spend most of this article actually discussing how I think it should go down because I’ve had straight-up me-monologuing-at-my-friends-for-unholy-amounts-of-time-about-this-topic conversations, just prepping for this post!
  • Intro’s finally done so let’s talk about how it should go down!


  • Okay, so first of all it’s been debated whether or not we’ll actually see Peter Parker or Miles Morales in this movie but let’s not fool ourselves: Peter Parker is the Spider-Man that more people know, more people love, Peter Parker will be the Spider-Man we see.
    • And yeah, it looks like we’re saying good-bye to Andrew Garfield, which is sad cuz he was good at being Spider-Man, but I’m excited to see someone that’s a good Peter Parker also be a good Spider-Man.
  • But here’s how the ‘origin story’ should go down.
    • We don’t need another origin story!
    • This is literally going to be the third Spider-Man origin story in 15 years, holy God!
    • But hear me out.
  • Remember how Guardians of the Galaxy opened, showed Quill’s mother pass away, he runs outside, gets taken away and then they cut to the Marvel logo to open the movie?
    • Well in my version the Peter Parker origin story would be tackled in a similar way, but it would all depend on his involvement in Civil War
      • From what I understand, there were two versions of the Civil War script: one with heavy Spider-Man involvement that also featured Black Panther, and one that featured Black Panther in the Spider-Man role.
      • If they go forward with the Spider-Man script, cool, but we’re gonna say they don’t and Spidey only pops up in a post-credits scene.
    • Civil War has just ended back in New York, and in the post-credits scene, it’s night and we see Peter Parker either at a gas-station or wherever the robbery was that the carjacker was at, and then the robber dashes outside, kills Uncle Ben and there we have the Uncle Ben murder.
    • THEN open the Spider-Man movie, and Peter Parker is still a bit shaken up over the death of his uncle, while at Oscorp, and he’s bitten by the radioactive spider.
    • Cut to Marvel logo, flash forward in time a bit, open movie!
      • These situations could be reversed also, but having the origin actually happen in the Spider-Man 2017 movie would make it feel relevant without feeling too reused.
    • And if you have other suggestions of how it should go, tell me in the comments!

“Creative Control”

  • I put this in quotes because as a part of the press release on this matter, Sony apparently had ‘full final say and creative control’ of the character, but let’s not kid ourselves here.
    • That just means that Kevin Feige shows up at Sony and says, hey we’re doing A, B, and C, sound good?
    • Sony says, “yup!”
  • Sony isn’t gonna be making any final creative choices in this next batch of movies, I guarantee it, and when we see Spider-Man on the big screen next, it will be Marvel’s telling of Spider-Man.


  • I am interested to see how big a role Spider-Man will play in Civil War, and I could do a whole post on that, but I’m not gonna right now.
    • Because the agreement said that he’ll be appearing in one Marvel movie before his Marvel standalone in 2017, the most prime of which would be Civil War.
      • Cuz Guardians 2 won’t really fit…
    • But let’s talk about how awesome him even making a slight appearance in Civil War would be!
      • ORIGINALLY we were promised that Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be coming out June 10th, 2016 and when I saw ASM2 with my friends, I remarked, “we’ll all be back here in 2 years for the sequel!”
      • Then ASM3 got pushed back to 2018 with God-knows-how-many problems following that etc. etc. etc.
      • So we all thought that Spider-Man wouldn’t even be on-screen again for another 3-4 years but Marvel is including him in their world not only when we were originally planning on Spidey coming back, but a month earlier!
        • In the same movie where Captain America fights Iron Man!!
      • Three MUSTS:
        • Cast someone good as Peter Parker.
        • Get a good and non-cartoonish villain.
        • Do the origin story fast. (Sony/Marvel, you’re welcome to use my idea, you don’t even have to credit me!)
  • And I don’t even mind waiting until 2017 to get a new Spider standalone because it will be a Marvel Spidey standalone with a great team behind it.
    • We’ll probably get a casting announcement within the next two months of who our new Spider-Man is.
    • And I’d personally love to see either James Gunn/Joss Whedon direct the standalone (if we’re staying in the Marvel family) or maybe another director that encapsulates the fun of those two that can layer in emotion.
  • How exciting is this really, for me, though?
    • Spider-Man in 2002 is one of the best superhero movies of all time in my opinion, as well as one of the first films I saw in the theater.
    • Spider-Man 2 was also fantastic and a great continuing build.
    • Spider-Man 3 is a bad movie, but not as unwatchable as something like X3 or Batman and Robin, and you can see that there were studio problems there.
    • Amazing Spider-Man I actually hated more than Spider-Man 3 because it was a tasteless remake copy/paste of the original Spider-Man.
    • Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a lot of fun, but characters like the Rhino made it absurdly cartoony and the studio seemed to be trying to think the franchise outward instead of keeping the current movie good.
      • Ironic that none of those potential spin-offs will be happening now, huh??!
    • Spider-Man is honestly tied for my favorite superhero with Batman, and I honest-to-God can’t wait to see Marvel’s take on him in 2017 with what could be the best Spider-Man movie ever because of the creative team, the vibe of fun being brought back, the shared-universality, and the lack of origin story.
    • This isn’t even mentioning that in between now and then we have X-Men Apocalypse, Deadpool (one year from today!), Avengers: Age of Ultron, DC Movies, Star Wars movies, Jurassic World, oh my God it’s a good time to love movies indeed!


So guys, those are my thoughts on Spider-Man officially joining the MCU and how it could go great! What are your thoughts on these two things? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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