Avengers: Age of Ultron SPOILER-FILLED Thoughts


  • If you haven’t yet seen Avengers: Age of Ultron, then apparently you aren’t a real American.
  • But all jokes aside, check out my Spoiler-Free Review if you need to hear some thoughts about Age of Ultron, then definitely go check out the movie!
  • Then come back here and we can talk about all my favorite parts of the movie.
  • Gone? Seeing the movie? (Second time maybe?) Good.


  • Okay, there was a certain character in this movie who I didn’t mention in original review, because I wanted you guys to see for yourselves how FRICKEN’ AWESOME Vision was.
  • Now see, I know there was like one single shot of him in a trailer, but I don’t think they should have ever revealed that he was in this movie. It would’ve been such a great reveal, and everyone would have loved him even more.
  • Walking away from Age of Ultron, I know want to know every single thing about Vision.
  • And yeah, let’s talk about that scene. THAT scene. You know the scene? The scene that was literally the pinnacle of my life as a movie reviewer: the scene where fricken’ Vision picked up Thor’s hammer!!!!!
    • They set that up so well earlier in the movie too with the game of the crew trying to pick it up.
    • Oh man, that was phenomenal…
  • Paul Bettany was so great as Vision and I can’t wait to see him face off against Thanos, cuz you know that’s gonna happen.


  • Now that we’re into spoilers I can talk about that other scene.
  • Much like Interstellar, I divide this movie distinctly.
    • Act I was the opening through the Hulkbuster fight.
    • Act II was Farm House through Vision.
    • Act III was Vision through the end.
  • And the reason Act II through the end was so great in my eyes was (a) Hawkeye, but more on him later, and (b) the scene with Bruce Banner and Black Widow which started it off so well.
  • Up to that point in the movie, their romance was perfectly functional. It didn’t feel forced but it didn’t feel especially necessary.
  • But at the point where we find out that neither Bruce nor Natasha can have kids, that both humanizes and de-humanizes them both in a juxtaposition-like way.
  • It was something that added a layer of emotion to the movie, and delved into those two as deeper characters and it’s one of the scenes that I’m going to distinctly remember when I think of Age of Ultron.

Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver

  • This is mostly about Scarlet Witch, but I suppose we’ll throw some Quicksilver stuff in here too.
  • I really liked the scene where these two first meet Ultron, not because of Ultron but because of the daunting backstory that Scarlet Witch presents.
  • And the story is just vague enough that when the two go over to the Avengers later, it doesn’t come from nowhere.
  • Quicksilver was a character that worked well for this movie, but ultimately when he died it did make sense.
    • He didn’t represent a whole lot to the movie, but he served as an inspiration for Scarlet Witch going forward.
  • And Scarlet Witch is going to be awesome in these next few movies.
  • When she was playing around with all the others’ minds, that was great and I loved thinking of potentially what she could do about that in something like Civil War or against Thanos, or to Spider-Man.
    • That would be a cool way to tell Spider-Man’s origin story in Civil War, as a Scarlet Witch flashback.


  • My main complaint with Ultron was that I felt as though they really skipped through his origin story.
  • Sure he was developed pretty quickly, though I could have overlooked that if he maybe went through a few body iterations.
    • Like he went from busted down into full Ultron in one scene. It would have been super fun to see the evolution more.
  • And as for the whole “the stakes weren’t high enough” thing, I wish he had played more on the cyber-terrorism aspect of the Avengers fear.
    • Like he was going through the Internet, and could access nuclear codes, I wish there was more threatening stuff going on.
  • That being said, for what he was, Ultron was a really dandy villain.
  • My favorite line from him is probably, “keep your friends rich, keep your enemies rich, then find out which is which.”
  • The one about Cap’s shield and the Vibranium was really good too.
    • “The most versatile metal in the world, and they turn it into a Frisbee…”


  • And my favorite character throughout the movie.
  • I loved how giving him a family brought credibility to Hawkeye.
  • Not just that though, but the conversations with his wife and his witty lines to Scarlet Witch (“I’ve already done that.”) just made him feel oh so much more important!
  • The best line in the whole movie may have been in his really inspiring speech to Scarlet Witch, and it isn’t just the, “you step out that door, you’re an Avenger.” The best line by far was when she says how it doesn’t make sense and he retorts, “we’re fighting robots and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense!”
    • That was fantastic!


  • Yeah, yeah I know that Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon both said there wouldn’t be one but I held all my friends after our showing because I thought they tricked us.
  • I thought we were gonna get Spider-Man, which we didn’t.
    • It would’ve been really sweet if he showed up with the “New Avengers” at the end, but I can see why not. Maybe in the alternate ending…?
  • Then I also had the idea halfway through the credits that maybe they would do a scene of Banner flying the plane out into space.
    • I’ve been waiting forever for Banner to go into Space, and I think he’s finally going there!
  • But there wasn’t one…
    • Ultimately, I gave this movie a 4.7/5 and I took off 0.1 for Ultron origins, 0.1 for the stakes not being high enough, and 0.1 for there being no post-credits scene… L
  • Going forward, I think the whole “New Avengers” team looks really cool though, and you guys know I absolutely can’t wait to see what Marvel does next.


So guys, those are my Spoiler-Filled thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron! I’ve already asked what you thought about this movie, so instead: who was your favorite character in it? Lots of good ones to pick from. Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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