Why I’m Excited: Captain America: Civil War


  • Sorry again for another intermission on you guys, but school is winding down and I’ll have plenty of posts for the back-end of May.
    • Some months get super front-loaded with my movie watching schedule, this month will get super back-loaded.
  • But I wanted to talk about something today that I’ve got a super strong opinion on and really just want to talk about.
  • Captain America: Civil War is the kick-off to Marvel’s Phase 3 on May 6th, 2016 (if ya didn’t know) and it has been my most anticipated Marvel movie yet, essentially it has been since the day it was announced.
  • So without further ado, here’s Why I’m Excited for Captain America: Civil War.
    • I’ll do one of these in a couple weeks for Ant-Man also.

It’s Civil War

  • First reason why I’m excited, it’s Civil War.
  • I don’t read a ton of comics, but Civil War is one of (if not my definitive) favorite Marvel comic arc.
  • It’s very intriguing to see how characters act in times of crises, it’s a very human story and I think it’s something that could take the politics of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, blend it with the villain in the form of Iron Man, combine that with emotional moments like the ones in Guardians of the Galaxy and make an X-Men: Days of Future Past-esque film that we haven’t seen come out of Marvel before.
  • Civil War ultimately has a lot going on it, but that lot is all blended so well in the comics and is a perfect opportunity for Marvel to make it’s most well-rounded film thus far.

Captain America

  • I’ll talk about Iron Man in the next paragraph, but let’s talk about Captain America first.
  • The reason why I have so much faith in Marvel is that they always stand by what they say (well… most of the time).
    • This is Captain America 3, and from the set photos what we’ve mostly seen is Captain America.
  • There was a point as recently as two months ago where I would have said that this shouldn’t be Captain America 3, it should be Marvel Presents: Civil War.
    • Cuz it wouldn’t feel like an Avengers movie if the Avengers are fighting each other, but it also wouldn’t feel like a Captain America movie cuz the press wasn’t on Captain America.
  • I now retract that statement because the characters who we have seen the most come out of these set photos (despite set photos showing almost nothing) are Captain America movie characters.
    • Cap, Black Widow, Falcon are the main three.
  • I like that any little tid-bits I’ve seen have been glances at these main Captain America characters.
  • I thought it was so cool that Man of Steel 2 was gonna feature Batman in it but then… Oh wait, it’s not actually a Man of Steel sequel it’s a Justice League prequel.
  • Marvel is standing by Civil War as Captain America 3, and I can’t wait to see it because the Russo Brothers can make a phenomenal sequel to The Winter Soldier and not have anything or any body feel out-of-place.

Iron Man

  • Now here’s the argument I make to everybody.
  • I have some friends who think the whole idea of Civil War being Captain America 3 is stupid, and they may be right, I would’ve been right there with them a couple months ago.
  • But the reason they say this is because they’re MUCH bigger Iron Man fans than Captain America fans.
  • However, here’s what I think is going to happen.
    • In Winter Soldier, the actual Winter Soldier was in a more supporting villain role to Alexander Pierce. Despite him being the title character, he was more of a mercenary.
    • In Civil War, I think the exact opposite is going to happen. I think the guy with whom Cap starts the Civil War is going to be the main villain: Tony Stark.
    • I think that the Winter Soldier will be more of an antihero and sure he’ll keep his mercenaries ways while trying to find the right path, but this other guy Baron Zeno that Daniel Bruhl is playing (I think, and this is all speculation) will be more of a brute and tough guy, who will do damage but not be the central villain.
  • The Iron Man as a villain argument makes me even more excited for this movie too because Iron Man is relatable. You’ll understand where he’s coming from, yet he’ll be just cruel enough for you to not root for him.
  • The idea of one of the Marvel heroes temporarily being one of the Marvel villains really excites me, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out (hoping that is the way it plays out…)


  • Now I’ll say this, as of now Asa Butterfield is not confirmed as the new Spider-Man, nor has Spider-Man been confirmed to be in Civil War.
  • That being said, Butterfield as of now looks like he’s the one that Marvel and Sony are gonna pick, I’ll do a full post on that when it becomes official (which I assume it will in the next week).
  • The actual “will he appear in Civil War?” question is one that is interesting though.
    • There’s a really good chance he pops in for a post-credits appearance in Ant-Man, which I’m not counting on since he didn’t show up in the post-credits of Age of Ultron (yes, I waited til the very end twice), but he still officially appears in one Marvel movie before his standalone.
    • That could be Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, or Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
      • Seeing as I don’t think he’ll be riding around with Star-Lord and Baby Groot, let’s assume for this sake that it’s gonna be Civil War.
    • You guys know that Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel superhero, and just how beyond belief I was when it was announced that he’ll be in the MCU going forward.
      • Pretty ecstatic.
    • Seeing as he will be on screen on May 6th, 2016 tells me one thing: The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was SUPPOSED to come out June 10th, 2016 which means not only will we see Spider-Man onscreen again in 2016, but we’ll see him onscreen again in 2016 one month earlier than we were supposed to originally and now he’s being handled by MARVEL.
    • That’s pretty cool.
    • I think Spider-Man is going to be a phenomenal character in this story who will fit in so well at the center of things, but still be a supporting player that doesn’t steal the spotlight from Cap, or even Iron Man.
      • Spider-Man will create this really cool dynamic between the two that I’m really looking forward to seeing.
    • And though they aren’t going to do an origin story, I still think we’ll see Scarlet Witch messing with Peter Parker’s mind and see some kind of flashback to Uncle Ben’s murder.

Everyone Else!

  • This movie may seem crowded to a lot of people, but I think Marvel is going to manage its characters well.
  • Black Widow I think will be a big player, and I think Hawkeye might have a slightly bigger/extended role.
  • But other than that, I think the Vision is the only other character from the Marvel movies that will play a huge role.
    • Just because he’s the voice of reason and humanity, he won’t really take a stand for either side but kind of be our eyes into this whole conflict.
  • Scarlet Witch, I think, will be in like 2 or 3 scenes max, about the same for Ant-Man (who I’m super glad will be in this!) and I think Black Panther will be in the beginning of the movie, then pop up now and again throughout but not too often.
  • And that is again what separates this from Batman v. Superman: Marvel is handling its characters in such a way that I don’t think this is going to be Avengers 2.5, I think it’s going to be Captain America 3.
  • Marvel has grown with us as fans for years now and we all have faith in them because of how much time they put into everything, and I’m not worried that this movie will be too over-crowded.
  • I think that character-dynamic, character-function, and overall rich source material will make Captain America: Civil War what I think could be remembered as one of Marvel’s 3 best films.
  • And yes, I am looking forward to it more than Batman v. Superman at this point.
    • Go ahead DC fans, the comments are right below…


So guys, that’s Why I’m Excited for Captain America: Civil War! Are you guys excited for this movie, and what aspect of it are you looking forward to most? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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