Top 5 Movies With “America” in the Title


  • About a month ago, I realized not only that a lot of movies have the word “America” or “American” in the title, but a lot of them that do are phenomenal movies.
  • So in honor of Independence Day, these are 5 of my favorites, in no particular order.
    • And yes I do get a lot of international viewership on this site. Sorry guys…
  • Not every “America”/”American” movie will be on this list either, I haven’t seen Team America: World Police or American History X, sorry… Feel free to leave your favorites in the comments below!
  • And these aren’t the greatest films ever made, just ones that I enjoy and would consider popping in tonight!

American Sniper

  • Was American Sniper the greatest movie ever made?
  • I have a lot of friends that actually think so…
  • But I’d say no.
  • However, American Sniper was a patriotic movie, it was very inspired, it had great performances, and it’s the kind of movie that despite the quality or controversy over, it makes you feel great about your country!
  • And that’s the perfect kind of movie to have “American” in the title of.

American Psycho

  • I actually did a review of this movie last September after I saw it for the first time.
  • And it’s just a polished and sleek movie about business, interaction, and oh yeah, killing people.
  • This is truly an American type movie.
  • It talks about business, it talks about insecurity and general mannerisms, how sometimes people will present themselves as one thing and actually be another.
  • It’s a very political movie, and it’s a movie that has a lot of layers to it.
  • It’s a very film school movie, but if you were watching it in film school you’d really enjoy it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • A movie that I love every time I watch it.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier is another very political movie, but also has absurdly well-shot action, a phenomenal script, fantastic performances.
  • That issue of security comes up again in this movie, but it also talks about what being American is, and how it’s changed over time (as Cap tells us).
  • It’s one of my favorite Marvel movies, it was one of my favorite movies of last year, it’s great.
  • I was in Target the other day and (at least where I am) you can get it on Blu-Ray for like $10 or 15 at most.
  • And I can’t wait for Captain America: Civil War (as a Captain America movie, not just a Civil War movie).

American Beauty

  • I saw this movie for the first time about 2 or 3 months ago, and I swear to God it’s already in my Top 30 All-Time Movies.
  • American Beauty takes the creepiness of American Psycho, but plunges it into the average American suburb.
  • The whole environment is a very accessible place for average people, even myself at 16.
  • It makes you wonder what creeps your neighbors are, even though they probably aren’t as bad as the ones in this movie.
  • The acting is out-of-the-park, the direction is impeccable, the script is so unique.
    • I can’t classify this movie in one particular genre, and that’s the kind of movie that I love.
  • This movie is unlike anything I had ever seen before it, and just in those months since I still haven’t seen anything like it.
  • American Beauty is by-far my favorite of the other movies on this list (though I love them all) and I can’t recommend it enough.

American Pie

  • You can include American Pie 2 and American Reunion in there too…
  • The American Pie movies are my guilty pleasure movies, even though the third one isn’t that great.
  • Unlike the other movies on this list, there’s nothing particularly patriotic or symbolic about this movie but it’s just a fun movie.
  • And the reason we go to the movies is to have fun and laugh.
  • I have laughed so many consistent times at these movies.
  • In a couple months I’m gonna do either a Top 5 or Top 10 High School movies and you can bet that American Pie will be on either one I do.
  • It’s hilarious, it’s absurd, it’s sweet and even sad in some places.
  • American Pie (and American Pie 2 and American Reunion) are some of my favorite comedies and a movie I can watch at any time of the year.
  • And thank God “American” is in the title so I have an opportunity to talk about how awesome these movies are!
    • Well, except for the third one…


So guys, those are just Five of my favorite movies with “America” in the title! What are your favorites, I’m sure I’m missing a few… Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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