Minions Review


  • Alright it just broke that Ben Affleck is directing and co-writing the next standalone Batman movie. It’s pretty late at night, I have to wake up early tomorrow so I can only talk about one thing…
  • Yeah Minions is more fresh in my head.
  • And funny enough, I never saw Despicable Me 2…
  • The first Despicable Me I thought was okay, I suppose… Nothing super special.
  • And though this Minions movie wasn’t perfect by any means, I had a pretty good time with it!


  • Okay, so Minions is the story of those little yellow potato things from the Despicable Me movies, only this time they’re the headliners.
  • This thing takes place in 1968 and it’s the Minions running around in the ‘60s, pulling shenanigans and such.
  • And yeah, it’s very enjoyable.
  • Here is the bottom line up front before I go into the specifics: kids and fans of the Despicable Me movies will LOVE this movie. If you loved the Despicable Me movies, you’ll love this movie too. I wasn’t a Despicable Me fanboy going in, and even then there’s still a lot of fun to be had with this movie, even if it gets fairly stupid at times.

Cast and Characters

  • Alright so there are three main Minions in this movie and whoever voiced them: good job.
  • They probably did their entire jobs in one day, in less than two hours. And solid.
  • Something I’ve noticed too is that the Minions used to just speak straight-up gibberish, but now it’s like half-Spanish and half gibberish… That’s weird.
  • Sandra Bullock was the main human in the movie and she was essentially perfect voice casting for this movie.
    • She was also kinda the easy voice casting for this movie though so I don’t know if it’s effective or lazy…
  • I liked her character though especially, very fun.
  • And her character is married to Jon Hamm’s character who I LOVED.
  • The guys was hilarious, scene-stealer.
  • Michael Keaton and Allison Janney were in the movie too and without spoiling it, the sequence with them is one of my favorites.
  • Other than that… There aren’t a ton of characters to talk about!



  • I was pretty surprised by how cool a lot of the action in this movie.
  • There are a few action sequences and they’re all directed really well, lots of great shots.
  • And the direction ultimately recognizes that this whole movie is a 25 minute premise that has to be dragged into 90 minutes. But even recognizing that, the directors pace the movie extremely well and it feels like you go in, you see what you need to see, and you leave. It didn’t drag, it didn’t feel like it cut off too quickly, nice job directors!


What Is This Movie… Really?/Writing

  • So I look at this movie and I recognize what it is: a goofy, slapstick movie for kids that’s ultimately just a fun adventure.
  • And really, that’s all I expected going into this movie, I wasn’t looking for the Minions to transcend the medium of film or anything!
  • Ultimately, the reason I go to comedy movies is to get away from the troubles of life, to just shut out all my homework assignments, responsibilities, and duties and to just be entertained for a couple hours.
  • Did Minions accomplish this goal of entertaining me? Yes.
  • So some people are going hard on this movie, but I beg of those people to understand that this is a very fun movie.
  • Were there some jokes in this movie that just came out of left field, and seemed to play too hard to the adults in the audience? Sure.
  • But ultimately, the adults at my screening of this movie were laughing when a Minion fell on his face, almost more than the kids!
  • So I have been giving this movie a positive review because it had a solid premise that was executed decently with lots of fun laughs and action sequences along the way.
  • It isn’t something like Inside Out where by the end of it you’re like, “oh my God… That’s a lesson I’m gonna carry with me throughout my entire life.”
  • No, there aren’t any deeper meanings or fully-rounded characters which there don’t have to be.
  • Ultimately, I went into Minions wanting to laugh and watch funny cartoon corn-on-the-cobs dance around for a while.
  • I got even more than that, and for the bazillionth time: IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT then you’ll also have a solid time with this movie!
  • Yeah I might have beaten that over the head a little bit but some people are expecting this movie to be Toy Story or something…


In Conclusion

  • In Conclusion Guys, as I’ve said many times, Minions is pure fun with lots of great action, lots of well-done voice acting, but nothing really deeper than that.
  • However, I wasn’t expecting it to go deeper than that and neither should you.
  • It’s a spinoff of a movie that wasn’t that great and, in my opinion, it surpassed that original movie!
  • I will say Minions is a very good time and is definitely worth checking out.
  • If you recognize going in what it is!



Okay guys, so those are my very repetivive thoughts on Minions! Have you guys seen this movie and if so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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