Suicide Squad Comic-Con Teaser Review


  • Deadpool Teaser Review coming shortly after this, but wow.
  • Just wow.


  • Okay, so as many of you all reading here know: I am a big fan of comic-book/superhero adapted movies and also as many of you know DC’s next property after Batman v. Superman is Suicide Squad.
  • For those who don’t know, the Suicide Squad is like a militarized team of supervillains and antiheros who run operations for the government in return for their freedom or the wiping clean of their record.
  • Then we got the first trailer for it at Comic-Con this weekend.

Trailer Talk

  • Now this trailer didn’t completely blow my mind like the Batman v. Superman trailer did yesterday, but I was still very impressed by it.
  • I’ve had hope that the Suicide Squad was gonna be good, and the only reservations I had about it were the casting of Jai Courtney and that first image of the whole squad lined up, I thought it looked a little too video game-esque.
  • But this trailer was really cool.
  • It showed me something that I really hadn’t put together before: I know next to nothing about the Suicide Squad.
  • Sure I’ve seen the first two seasons of Arrow and read a little background on them, but I don’t know many of their stories or anything.
  • And that’s great!
  • They’re introducing a lot of new characters who could end up working really well together and resonate really well with fans which is awesome.
  • And that brings me to my next favorite thing about this trailer, which is the fact that it showcases everybody.
  • Sure Harley Quinn is kinda in the forefront, but Will Smith as Deadshot looked really cool.
  • Arrow gave us a really cool Deadshot, but Will Smith could prove to be even cooler.
  • There’s shots of Enchantress, Captain Boomerang, I believe Killer Croc?
  • Ultimately, they showed everybody in this trailer and brought you over to the side of these villains.
  • I liked the shots of Harley Quinn too, because you could just see how absolutely captivated in her own insanity she is.
  • And I thought opening on Amanda Waller was great too, she could end up being like the Nick Fury of this universe in overseeing everything and tying everything together.
  • They did show a shot of Batman riding on the Joker-car but I didn’t even mind that because it was really cool and will be a selling-point to people who aren’t familiar with the property.
  • And speaking of which, the vibe of this trailer really shows how interconnected the worlds of these DC movies are going to be. They do have graphic novel feels to them, but ultimately they have this really sleek and gritty video game style, which I’m now using as a compliment!
  • Just in that the world feels so huge and there’s so much to explore, where Marvel’s world is cool but does feel very contained. In just seeing two trailers, everything feels huge yet still accessible.
  • And you guys knew I was gonna talk about this: the Joker.
  • We get maybe 5 or 6 seconds of Joker footage so there isn’t a ton to actually discuss, but overall Jared Leto looks like a cool Joker.
  • The voice is a little Heath Ledger-ish, but I’m sure that’s just from the scene they took from.
  • What I loved about him though is that you could see the crazy in his eyes and ending on that shot of the Joker being crazy is just a perfect summary of what I think this entire movie could end up being like.
  • And that ain’t bad.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the Suicide Squad Comic-Con Teaser! Did you guys see this teaser (this is the best time for me to ask since it will undoubtedly get taken down)? And if so what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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