Deadpool Comic-Con Trailer Review


  • Comic-Con this year man, putting out a ton of absurdly cool trailers!


  • Alright guys, so this weekend at Comic-Con a trailer for the X-Men spinoff Deadpool was shown and I was already excited for this movie before, but this trailer shows even more and makes you even more confident about the R-Rating.
  • (I’m not gonna do a post on the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer just cuz I didn’t watch any trailers before I saw Days of Future Past and I wound up loving that movie, so hopefully I get a repeat! And maybe I’m just superstitious…)
  • And yes, sorry but this is the best quality I could find. It’s pretty watchable though.

Trailer Talk

  • So I don’t have a ton to talk about in this trailer, but I will say I liked how much it filled in.
  • As a guy who knows next-to-nothing about Deadpool, it gives you a little peek at his origins without giving away too much.
  • And after that, it shows you Deadpool actually in action.
  • I liked that you saw the cleaned-up version of the test footage (which ironically came out just about a year ago), and a lot of the additional action in it.
  • The action in this movie looks insane and Deadpool looks like just the quintessential, R-Rated action superhero.
  • From there on, I thought that the quips with TJ Miller’s character were hilarious, there was a lot of good humor in the trailer.
  • And I LOVED (all caps) how self-aware this thing was.
  • That one line, “just make sure the suit isn’t green. Or animated!”
  • Made my day, I’m surprised more people in Hall H weren’t laughing but there were so many jokes and so much stuff to look for and like in this trailer.
  • Deadpool was already a movie I couldn’t wait to see and this trailer was a neat peek at even more of what I can expect in February.
  • Maybe not as cool as Batman v. Superman or Suicide Squad, but I still liked it!
    • Yeah, there’s your opportunity DC haters, comments are down below…


So guys, those are my thoughts on the Deadpool Comic-Con Trailer! Did you guys see this trailer and if so, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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