Trainwreck Review


  • In a lot of my reviews on bad movies, I’ve said it’s a complete trainwreck. So I guess the irony only makes it so that the movie Trainwreck is pretty good!

  • So Trainwreck is the newest movie from Judd Apatow, the director of The 40 Year Old Virgin (my favorite all time comedy), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Knocked Up.
  • But this one isn’t written by Apatow, it’s written by (and starring) Amy Schumer who’s gotten ridiculously famous over the past year or so.
  • And I’ll say that in regards to the cast of this movie, Amy Schumer is the lead and I’ll just make my opinion public here: I don’t like Amy Schumer.
  • I’ve seen very limited amounts of her show, but from the stand-up of hers and special appearances that I’ve seen her humor style just isn’t my humor style.
    • I just think there’s a level of ‘too far’ and hers pushes that for me.
  • That being said, I thought her character in this movie was done really well, and she was good acting in the movie.
  • After the first twenty minutes that is though.
  • Because the first twenty minutes of this movie makes the Amy character really unlikable. After that though, I was in with her as the lead for the rest of the movie.
  • While we’re talking about Amy Schumer though, the writing on this movie was good. I never thought this movie went too far so props to her on that. It was a script that felt very modern and felt very new.
  • This movie is ultimately a dramedy and the comedy is written well with a lot of really solid jokes, and the drama is written well with some really solid pacing.
  • Sure, there are a couple jokes that don’t hit but there are in every movie.
  • That first twenty minutes, like I said, was a bit bumpy too and felt like it was a weird setup. Once we get through that though, the movie is thoroughly entertaining the whole way through.
  • And the writing for each character is really good.
  • The writing establishes each character really well and each character has a full arc written out.
  • Let’s talk about Bill Hader’s character for instance. Bill Hadar is one of my favorite comedians out there right now and this is one of the first opportunities he’s had to be one of the full leads in a movie.
  • His character is just this generic guy on the surface, but the writing takes him deeper than that and his acting enhances every aspect of the character. I loved him in this movie. Inside Out and Trainwreck now prove that 2015 is Bill Hadar’s year.
  • Brie Larson plays Amy Schumer’s sister in this movie and she was great because Brie Larson is great in literally everything.
  • Lebron James was pretty funny in the movie too for the limited role he’s in.
  • And there’s a whole slew of supporting players that were awesome too, like Colin Quinn, Mike Birbiglia, Ezra Miller, Tilda Swinton, and so many more.
  • Overall, what makes this movie work is the directing and the charm that it has.
  • A lot of people complain that Judd Apatow’s movies are typically too long.
  • Which is a reasonable complaint.
  • But I love several of Apatow’s movies because he takes the script and adds this charm and adds heart to them, he makes you relate to this characters in a sweet way.
  • Like I said, I’m not a fan of Amy Schumer’s but about halfway through the movie I was so sympathetic with her character for a couple things and I wanted to see her change her ways.
  • The chemistry between Amy Schumer and Bill Hadar just emanates this sweetness and heart and humanity. It was a factor that makes the drama of the movie really watchable and extremely realistic.
  • The movie has a really good theme too, which is awesome since comedies don’t usually have themes to them.
  • But it’s great, it has some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in there and it also shows you that love exists in all different capacities, whether that be romantic, sexual, familial, between friends.
  • That theme just factored more into the heart that this movie had.
  • So at the end of the day guys, Trainwreck had really good performances, really sharp writing, brilliant direction, and a sweet theme.
  • The first twenty minutes were a little slow and confused to get started and there were a few jokes that didn’t hit, but at the end of the day Trainwreck is Awesome and Worth Seeing Multiple Times.


So guys, those are my thoughts on Trainwreck! What are your guys thoughts on this movie and who was your favorite actor in the movie? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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