Fantastic Four SPOILER-FILLED Thoughts

Spoiler Alert!

  • Alright guys, so Fantastic Four has now been out for a couple days so hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to see it.
  • Or not see it? Cuz those box office numbers aren’t looking good…
  • You can check out my Spoiler-Free Review by clicking here if you want Spoiler-Free thoughts on the movie.
  • Or you can still stick around if spoilers don’t faze you or you don’t want to see this movie, which you probably shouldn’t…
  • But there’s your warning!


  • Alright, so the first thing that I’ll touch on in this spoiler section is something I didn’t address too much in the Spoiler-Free Review.
  • There was this phenomenon in the movie where something absurdly convenient would happen to move along the plot.
  • The first hour of this movie was considerably better than the last 40 minutes, but that first hour wasn’t perfect and had a lot of these.
  • Like when Dr. Storm and Sue are at the science fair and they see the teleportation experiment and they’re just so fascinated by it!
  • Immediately, they just say that they need Reed Richards aboard to build one of these things for them on a human-scale. Like Dr. Storm offers him a huge scholarship there, after less than one minute.
  • Even if it sounds cheesy, they should have said something like, “we’ve been watching you for a while and we think you’re our guy.”
  • Another one of these conveniences comes when these government guys allow Victor Von Doom back on Storm’s project. Okay…
  • These things are a little nit-picky but they do feel just a bit convenient for the plot, even though they are in the better half of the movie.

Weaponizing the Team/‘One Year Later’

  • Alright, so we then get to the point where the team gets their powers.
  • I thought that seeing Johnny’s origin was really cool, where the fire was stuck in his pod as he was being brought back home. Same with Ben, where the rocks were all falling in and they kind of bound to his body.
  • Reed Richards’ one was kinda forgettable and I say that because I forgot the moment where he gets his powers.
  • Sue Storm’s origin wasn’t great because it was just her being near the energy from this other realm. I wish she was closer to that energy because she just kind of got hit by some. If she was standing right where the pods were, then got blasted, that could have been awesome.
  • And then that made me think of a cool subplot for this movie: she’s angry at the others for infecting her. Like Ben Grimm turns on Reed later in the movie (we’ll get to that) but she has more of a reason than any to be mad at them.
  • But then my main problem comes when we get to the ‘One Year Later’ part of the movie.
  • After one year of having their powers, the government is trying to weaponize the team.
  • Which is such a cool idea!
  • But the idea wasn’t executed in a believable way.
  • You know that The Thing kinda feels bad for his Kill Count of 43, but let’s go deeper into that. Actually, let’s back up.
  • What they should have done was make a subplot where the government is angry with Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben for going to the Zero Planet without any consent. AND they left their co-worker behind to die!
  • So they should have said, “alright, we’ll forget about the Doom thing cuz he was kind of a problem, but you work for us.” That would have made things flow and make more sense, at least from where I’m sitting!
  • And when we get past that One Year Later mark, that’s when the movie just starts to fall apart…


  • Before we get to Doom, and my main problems with the movie, let’s talk about some good stuff. Because there was good stuff in the movie.
  • Like I said, this movie had a lot of potential to be great, and the first hour of it was really good. Despite some plot progressing conveniences.
  • You can see potential in scenes like Dr. Storm in the car with Johnny, where they’re talking about how Dr. Storm knows Johnny can do better, but Johnny just says, “I’m not one of your students.”
  • That felt like Simon Kinberg was writing this thing. That felt like some solid X-Men: Days of Future Past dialogue, and that developed our characters! And the acting was really good in that scene.
  • Other things like the library scene, which wasn’t great, but served as set-up. It showed the somewhat awkward interaction between Sue and Reed, which could have been explored more.
  • The Ben and Reed relationship too was set-up and probably developed the best, but still was missing a full resolution to their arc together.
  • However, the writing takes a plummet when we get to the final 40 minutes of this movie.

The ‘Doomed’ Third Act

  • Yeah, that pun was a little forced and dumb. But not as forced and dumb as the third act of this movie.
  • So you get to a point and you’re like, “oh yeah, there’s supposed to be a villain in this movie.”
  • But you’ve completely forgotten about Doom on Planet Zero, because they don’t reference him at all after they leave the planet.
  • So when more guys go to Zero and find him, you’re like, “wow that feels out-of-the-blue. I forgot there was supposed to be a villain in this movie…”
  • So Doom is brought back to Earth and then just goes on a rampage out of the blue.
  • Now I see what they were going for with this arc.
  • Earlier in the movie, Doom kept referencing how we were destroying the planet and how Zero could be an answer to that. So cool. But not everyone is gonna remember that, and that certainly isn’t enough setup for him to go on a rampage against the government.
  • This brings me to a little tangent though: where was the conversation between Doom and Reed Richards from the trailer?
    • You know, the one where Miles Teller is like, “you don’t know what’s coming.”
    • And Doom’s like, “what is coming?” And Reed is like, “change.”
    • That sounded like a really cool conversation that could have developed Doom more, but it isn’t even in the movie!
    • Actually, A LOT of trailer scenes aren’t in the movie. Like the baseball scene, the Thing dropping from the helicopter scene, that one I just mentioned.
    • Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head too. I haven’t even re-watched the trailer and I can already recognize three trailer scenes not in the movie!
  • But anyways, back to Doom or lack thereof.
  • Again, I know what they were going for but it felt like his character had no developed motivation. He was worse than any generic bad-guy: he was under developed.
  • I didn’t understand what his end game was in bringing the Earth over to Zero, that didn’t make much sense…
  • I’ll say this: the action sequences (or sequence…) on Zero was pretty cool-looking.
  • But it was so short!
  • One of my friends summed it up perfectly. He went to the bathroom before it started, returned an appropriate three or four minutes, and he had missed the entire final action.
  • Everything about Doom and that final forty-five minutes felt like it was done by a different writer, a different director (don’t even ask me about that whole controversy regarding Trank), and the actors weren’t even as good in it as they were earlier in the movie.
  • The setup in this movie was really good, but it had to build to something. This movie was getting good, but then everything with Doom just made it feel unprofessional and dumb, and hammered the whole thing down.

‘It’s Fantastic!’

  • I heard this great idea in a review of this movie I watched the other day.
  • What would have been awesome is if there was a funeral scene for Dr. Storm. It would have shown emotion for all the characters because he was the father of half of them and a father-figure to at least one other.
  • It would have shown how these characters were real people who didn’t forget about their dead father after one victory on Zero.
  • The Thing says, “man, this is so not fantastic.”
  • “Wait, say that again…” Reed Richards says.
  • That would have been as bad, if not slightly more entertaining than the forced final scene of this movie.
  • I said Doom was the worst part of this movie, but that end-end literally felt like it was supposed to be in the Jessica Alba Fantastic Four. It was that cheesy and dumb.
  • In X-Men: First Class, they did a bit where Raven and some of the other younger mutants said to Charles and Erik, “you should be Professor X, and you should be Magneto!”
  • But they were just kids horsing around and Professor X and Magneto said, “c’mon let’s be mature guys!” Paraphrasing, but you know what I mean.
  • That would have been great if Johnny was like, “hey guys, let’s come up with a team name!”
  • Then Sue and Reed look at him and each other and say, “c’mon get back to work.”
  • Or someone said ‘fantastic’ in like a sarcastic way and it became ironic, like a joking team name. Because “Fantastic Four” is a pretty silly title for this serious of a reboot, but doing it in an ironic way could have worked.
  • The way this movie did it, nope…

In Conclusion

  • In Conclusion guys, I didn’t hate Fantastic Four like a lot of other people but it still isn’t a movie I recommend anyone go see.
  • I’d give it a flimsy 5/10 if I were doing number ratings.
  • But I talked about mostly negatives in this review and mostly positives in my Spoiler-Free Review.
  • Overall, it’s a movie that I went in as an optimist and I saw potential in a lot of things, but that third act just failed massively.
  • If they somehow do well this weekend though, I would go see whatever sequel that Fox will make.
  • And I’m not sure about this creative differences debate with Fox and Josh Trank, but I think that either way you need Bryan Singer to direct Fant4stic 2.


  • Oh and I loved that there were no X-Men references just in case the movie flops.
  • It was funny, at first Simon Kinberg is like, “yeah they exist in the same universe!”
  • Then he said a couple days ago, “oh, I meant parallel universes!”
  • Right… We’ll see if that crossover is still slated for 2018…


So guys, those are my Spoiler-Filled Thoughts on Fant4stic! What are you thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it already and what was the best or worst part for you? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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