It Follows Review


  • First I’ll make the obligatory ‘this movie is over-hyped in scariness’ remark.
  • If you’ve seen any marketing for this movie, you’ve probably seen the line “the scariest movie ever!” or something like that?
  • This movie is not the scariest movie ever, but it is pretty scary. And it is really good.

  • So It Follows is an independent horror movie that was released in March of this year, and it centers around this 19 year old girl named Jay.
  • After a magical evening with a special gentleman, she finds out that she now has ‘it.’
  • What’s ‘it’? Basically the horror movie equivalent of an STD. And it’s now gonna follow her until it gets her or she passes it on to someone else.
  • And my favorite thing about that premise is how creatively unoriginal it is.
  • By that, I mean that so many ridiculous horror movies come out nowadays that you’d think someone would have come up with that same premise and made it into a really dumb movie with a bunch of jump scares.
  • It makes me so happy that this creative got to it and made it first.
  • The real show-stealer for me was the director of this movie, who I’ll talk about first.
  • I don’t remember the name of the director (my bad…) but he or she directed this movie beautifully.
  • Most horror movies are made for pretty cheap, but this movie feels like it has a lot of professional talent and camera equipment behind it.
  • The direction of this movie feels kinda like American Beauty meets Halloween.
  • Not the premise, but just the direction. It has a lot of suburban shots that are on a wide scope, making everything feel bigger and more important than it is. But it also is able to contain the story and not get carried away with anything being too big.
  • This director balanced everything in the movie so perfectly, and it stole the whole show for me.
  • The director also executed the script really well.
  • The script to this movie was probably a really hard one to write, because there isn’t a TON of dialogue.
    • Relatively speaking, anyways. Not a ton of dialogue.
  • This script only has characters speak realistically and it allows for a lot to be filled in through shots of exposition and not just having the characters overtly tell you what’s happening in a dumb way.
  • The movie was smart like that, and this director paired with this script allowed for a really smart movie.
  • As for the actors? They were all really good too.
  • The main girl in the movie was a really good actress and had a really convincing sense of fear throughout the entire movie. Her character was pretty good too, but I wish we had a little bit more exposition on who her character was. Just an extra scene to introduce to the character and get to know her beyond just this story.
  • The supporting characters were all really good too. Some worked better than others, and there may have been just one too extra of a person in the group, but most of them served their purposes effectively.
  • The only other flaw that I can really pick up on with the movie is that it maybe felt five minutes too long.
  • The movie is only about 90 or 95 minutes, but if they cut two or three extra scenes then it could have felt condensed and perfectly paced.
  • There were definitely one or two scenes that felt somewhat repetitive of ‘it following.’
  • Other than that though, It Follows was a smart movie, it was directed really well, it had a really effective script and good cast.
  • It was scary at times (and REALLY scary at one or two times…), but it also felt like a solid independent movie and not just some cliché horror garbage. It had flair, it had a lot of style to it.
  • It’s one of the most unique movies I’ve seen this year, and it’s a movie that I definitely recommend you guys check out.
  • So I’d give it the rating, It Follows is Awesome and Worth Checking Out Multiple Times!


So guys, those are my thoughts on It Follows! I’ve got two or three other horror reviews from earlier in the year coming at you guys soon too! But have you guys seen this movie, and if so what were your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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