September 2015 Update


  • Hello everybody!
  • So every couple of months I’ll do one of these quick update posts for you all, just updating what will be happening on the site for the next 3 or 4 weeks.
  • So it is September now, meaning I’m back in school (sadly…), and I’m back to a probable 8 posts per month.
  • At least for September and October, most likely.
  • November and December have a TON of Oscar movies that could fill up my eyes (and hopefully yours) and then have a bunch of subsequent reviews.
  • But I do plan on checking out a good number of movies this month.
  • I promise to get to AT LEAST 5 of these:
    • The End of the Tour
    • Black Mass
    • Sicario
    • Sleeping With Other People
    • The Visit
    • Everest
    • The Scorch Trials
    • Captive
    • The Intern
  • I REALLY want to see all of these (except maybe The Scorch Trials…), but I’ll probably only get to 5 or 6 and I’ll do my best to see the rest of them before the end of the year!
  • Some of them may not be in suburban Massachusetts IMMEDIATELY when they release either, so be patient and I will get my thoughts to you guys within 24 hours of my viewings.
  • But there’s the update! Just expect slightly less posts for the next two months, and I will try to share my thoughts on any huge news, but you can expect a fair share of reviews here and there… And as always, thanks for reading guys.

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