Spectre Review


  • So Spectre is the newest James Bond, 007 (that felt repetitive) adventure following hot off the heels of Skyfall.
  • I’m not a huge Bond nerd, I’ve seen a couple Connery movies, maybe one Brosnan movie, and Skyfall.
  • And I LOVED Skyfall. I saw it twice in the theater that movie was so good…
  • And Spectre was pretty decent. Not as good as Skyfall by a long shot, but decent.


  • Okay, so the first thing that Spectre did GREATLY was establish relationships.
  • Skyfall did a great job establishing individual characters, but Spectre was the opportunity for all those characters to really play with each other and I loved the dynamics.
  • I loved seeing Bond’s relationship with Q, M, Dr. Swann, and tons more.
  • But not only Bond’s relationships with them. A lot of the supporting cast played well off each other, especially Q and M.
  • I liked the character of Dr. Swann, who was essentially a Bond Girl. The actress reminded me of Natalie Dormer meets Rosamund Pike, and though I liked the character, I felt like there may have been a little more for the actress to give in the role.
  • Granted, she did a pretty functional job, but it felt like other actresses (like Rosamund Pike or Natalie Dormer) could have played her and given it a little bit more.
  • The villains in this one were weird too. Christoph Waltz was pretty cool for the few scenes he was in, and same with Dave Bautista, because they both filled their roles well.
  • But my major problem with this movie is the script.
  • The script to Spectre just felt very sub-par and somewhat sloppy.
  • The dialogue felt very basic, and the actions of the organization Spectre (especially Waltz and Bautista) are very difficult to follow.
  • Things get muddled and sometimes you need to play a game of catch-up, reminding yourself why you’re in that scene.
  • The first act I thought was GREAT though. All the setup was fantastic, almost on the level of Skyfall.
  • But then the second act is where things got muddled and the villains felt a little absent…
  • Then the third act had this weird red herring that made for twenty of the most bizarrely misleading moments I’ve seen on-screen this year.
  • None of it was BAD or even negative per say, but it all felt very mediocre and like there was no real wow factor to any of it.
  • If Waltz’s villain was a bit more menacing, then maybe his shrot appearances would feel more impactful. But he didn’t do much, so he felt kinda weak.
  • Let’s talk some more positive though, because I feel like I’m trashing on this movie too much.
  • It’s a lot of little complaints, but overall the good outweighs the bad.
  • This movie LOOKS incredible.
  • Sam Mendes does a really fantastic piece with Spectre and makes everything so crisp and on-point.
  • I loved that the story took them all over the world too, it felt like an added adventure and led to some extremely beautiful cinematography.
  • The action, needless to say, was beautiful as well.
  • There was one scene in a helicopter early on in the movie that was incredible, and all the tense action sequences were exactly that.

In Conclusion

  • In Conclusion Guys, I had a lot of small complaints with Spectre like: the villains’ absences, some very bizarre third-act writing, and occasional side-line subplots that felt unnecessary.
  • However, the characters and actors were all fantastic in the movie, I loved the entire cast. (Especially Q, he had a lot more to do this time around.)
  • I loved the relationships that Spectre built up among its returning characters, it brought this sense of development to everyone after Skyfall.
  • The action sequences were great, the opening is one of my favorites (even more so than Skyfall), and the whole movie is shot fantastically.
  • The first act was phenomenal, second was decent, and third was little meh… But overall, I’d say Spectre is a Good Time and Definitely Worth Checking Out.


So guys, those are my thoughts on Spectre! What are your thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it yet? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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