The Peanuts Movie Review


  • The Peanuts Movie was actually one of my most anticipated movies for all of 2015.
  • I had faith in this movie!
  • And I was not let down. This movie was SO adorable and cute.


  • This is typically where I would talk about our cast and characters, but it’s The Peanuts Movie, you should know who the cast and characters are!
  • Charlie Brown, the everyman, is our lead and it’s his quest to win the heart of the girl who just moved in across the street. With a few road bumps of course…
  • And what I loved about this movie is that it assumes you know the Peanuts characters going in. I did, the friend I saw it with did, and all the parents in the audience probably did.
  • From that assumption, the movie runs and accomplishes what it wants to accomplish.
  • The movie also only incorporates the characters it wants at the right times.
  • Like Linus was not one of the central characters in the movie, which I assumed he would be going in.
  • Charlie Brown is in the forefront, Snoopy is in the forefront, Lucy, the red-headed girl, and Peppermint Patty was important here and there.
  • But ultimately they only showed up for a couple minutes here and there when they were needed, and it was Charlie Brown’s movie.
  • Which I loved!
  • A friend of mine joked that it would go over-the-top and try to give Pig Pen an origin story or something, but the movie is very self-contained and tells a really personal story. We’ll talk more about that in a minute.
  • All the characters in the movie LOOK fantastic too.
  • I saw some trailer before this movie and turned to my friend and told her, “that looks like it should be straight to Nickelodeon” with the level of poor animation.
  • But this animation highlighted the classic feel of the cartoons, but made them interact in a really neat three-dimensional way.
  • Speaking of which, the movie had a very old-school vibe to it, and that was great.
  • So many kids movies now are trying to be fresh and hip, but a return to the classics is great to see!
  • And this movie tugged at the heartstrings a bit too!
  • It had some solid jokes, but had these pretty sad moments that got to me, and really supported this super nice and meaningful message.
  • That was awesome!
  • For negatives, the only thing I can think of is repetitiveness.
  • There are some points where the movie felt a little repetitive, especially by the point you get to the 5th Red Baron sequence.
    • I wasn’t a fan of the Red Barons sequences in the original show, but they felt really cinematic in this movie. 5 was too many though…
  • And Charlie Brown’s attempts to impress the red-headed girl are a little episodic which feels repetitive at a point or two.
  • Other than that though, this was a VERY solid movie with lots of effective jokes, a good heartfelt message, stellar animation, and appeal to all ages.
  • I would say The Peanuts Movie is Awesome and Worth Checking Out Multiple Times!
  • Even if it is repetitive… Which I guess would make it more repetitive?


So guys, those are my thoughts on The Peanuts Movie! What are your guys thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it, and who’s your favorite Peanuts character? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


One thought on “The Peanuts Movie Review

  1. Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie will serve young children well as a Christmas outing, but whether it serves the child that remains in all of us early Peanuts fans is another question.

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