Moonlight Review

There are a lot of films released nowadays that are victims of far too much hype. I remember in the past year alone, Deadpool and Finding Dory were two perfectly adequate films that I liked. However, going in, I had been told that these were “the greatest films ever!” and “movies you’re never going to forget!” With those heightened expectations, I went in and was disappointed when I found each to only be “okay…”

Moonlight has been similarly hyped. Though often times it occurs with blockbusters, Oscar movies can fall victim to this syndrome as well. (Spotlight and The Revenant were two from last year, in my own personal opinion.) Given all of the awards and a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, I was somewhat nervous going into Moonlight. But don’t be fooled, this ISN’T one of those cases.

Moonlight is an emotional, well-crafted, important film for this year.

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EDITORIAL: Should DiCaprio Win the Oscar?

Should DiCaprio Win the Oscar?

an Editorial (and English Essay…) by, John Hayeck

There are many popular actors and actresses working in Hollywood today, one of the most talented of whom is Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio began his big-screen career in the critically acclaimed film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. DiCaprio’s role in Gilbert Grape earned him his first Oscar nomination in 1994. Leo did not the award for Best Supporting Actor that year, however he would go on to star in many more acclaimed movies over the next twenty years. To this day though, Leonardo DiCaprio has still not won an Oscar for any role he has portrayed, and he is again nominated this year for his work in The Revenant. DiCaprio has become a very popular celebrity over the course of his career, which has led many of his fans to believe that he should win an Academy Award for any role he is in. With the Oscars just under a month away, this hype has risen greatly, and has prompted me to wonder: should Leo win the Oscar this year?

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2016 My Movie Thoughts Awards!


  • Alright guys, so it is Awards Season in Hollywood!
  • The Oscar nominations came out a few days ago and they were alright.
  • There were definitely a few snubs (Aaron Sorkin for Screenwriter, Inside Out for Best Picture, Emily Blunt for Lead Actress), but I was pretty happy overall with the results.
  • I think the Academy is an extremely credible awards ceremony, it’s one of my favorite nights of the year, but sometimes they still miss even more movies on their nominations list.
  • So I decided to compile my own list of Best Picture, Director, Actor, and a couple other categories.
  • And just to beat the Oscars, I put in my 3 nominations and 1 winner all together. So basically you’ll see my pick for best, followed by 2 runner-ups.
  • These aren’t necessarily my favorites of the year, you can check out my Top 10 here though, but they are the talents I think should be recognized more than they should be! (So says my humble opinion…)
  • So here we are in the 1st Annual My Movie Thoughts Awards!

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