Ex Machina Review


  • Ex Machina is a 2015 movies about this guy played by Domhnall Gleeson who wins a trip to a luxurious lab in the middle of nowhere.
  • And at this lab, there’s one shady inventor played by Oscar Isaac who’s invented a fully functioning A.I.!
  • And this whole movie is Gleeson kinda testing out the A.I., seeing if it works.
  • And it’s a really fascinating movie!


  • Right off the bat, all the performances in this movie are awesome.
  • My favorite was Alicia Vikander, who played the actual A.I. I the movie named Ava.
  • She easily could have turned into (pun intended) a robotic, stiff character who’s just kinda there.
  • But she didn’t.
  • Without spoiling it, you understand why this character acts the way she does.
  • Gleeson and Isaac were also great in the movie, but what I loved more than the individuals was the two of them together.
  • These two guys were really interesting to see have conversations together, because they’re both smart guys. Seeing smart people talk in a way that you understand is never a bad thing!
  • I liked Gleeson’s interactions with Vikander too, that was a highlight, and beyond the acting, this movie had a really good vibe going for it too.
  • The movie definitely felt like it was a bit Frankenstein-esque, with some familiar parts from other movies.
  • But it executes those familiar parts in a way that still keeps you hooked.
  • You’re never bored in this movie, which is a real tribute to the screenwriter and director, who created something that felt like a really efficient (not cheesy) episode of Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone.
  • My only other complaint with the movie–and this is gonna be hilarious.
  • I wish it was longer!
  • This movie clocks in at about 1hr 55min, but it probably should have been 2hr 15min.
  • I’m always the guy who complains about movies being way too longer, but I wish this one gave you a little more fat to explore the facility or hear a couple more conversations between Gleeson’s character and Ava.
  • But guys, this really is an awesome movie. It got nominated for a couple Oscars, I can’t wait to see more from the entire cast and crew of this movie.
  • I’m gonna give Ex Machina a B+, it’s definitely one you guys should see.


So guys, those are my thoughts on Ex Machina! What are your thoughts on this movie? Let me know in the comments down below, (stay tuned for my Deadpool Review later tonight!) and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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