Mystic River Review


  • Mystic River is a movie that came out in 2002 and stars Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, and a couple other people.
  • This movie was up for a bunch of Oscars the year it came out, and it’s a movie I’d been meaning to get around to seeing for a long while.
  • It’s about a murder investigation that (no spoilers…) affects this entire Bostonian community, especially those three guys I mentioned above who were childhood best friends.
  • And this movie feels kinda like a Shakespearian tragedy. Not cuz it’s that good, just cuz it feels tragic…


  • The acting in Mystic River is really good, I know there were multiple Oscar noms/wins around the board for this movie.
  • My favorite performance of them all is probably Tim Robbins.
  • I thought his characters had the fullest arc, starting at childhood, moving into the present time in this movie, and concluding where it should conclude.
  • I just liked seeing this screwed up guy on screen!
  • Sean Penn was good too, I thought he really made the role his own, brought a lot of emotion that wasn’t on the pages of the screenplay.
  • Kevin Bacon was awesome too.
  • Whenever Kevin Bacon plays a cop, I’m in. He played a cop in this movie and I loved him.
  • And the script to this movie is great.
  • The dialogue in this movie is very stop-and-go, like there’s a lot of dialogue then there’s none, but the overall story of the movie was really well thought out.
  • It doesn’t have tons of twists and turns, but it feels like a movie that’s based on an actual investigation where real (and occasionally slow) things happen,
  • And even though the movie is slow, it’s never too slow.
  • Director Clint Eastwood keeps you engaged and following along with the story the whole time, keeping you guessing who did the crime.
  • And I mentioned earlier that the whole thing felt like a Shakespearian tragedy.
  • Because, well… It did.
  • Like, every single character in this movie is humanly tragic.
  • Not like The Departed where everyone is “a bad person” but more like everyone has some kind of tragic characteristic that makes them impure, for a lack of better words.
  • It feels like a movie where nothing that happens is redeemable, so some of the characters just see how far they can dig themselves into the dirt.
  • I loved seeing characters like that in a heavy movie like this, where there was lots of realism.
  • The movie isn’t perfect, there are a couple subplots (like Kevin Bacon’s love interest) I could have done without.
  • But this is a movie that I walked away from and recognized that it definitely should have been nominated for Best Picture the year it came out, because a “crime tragedy” isn’t a movie you see almost ever.
  • There were some minor things the movie could have improved on, but overall I thought Mystic River was really well done and I’m gonna give it an A-.



So guys, those are my thoughts on Mystic River! Be sure to leave your thoughts on this movie in the comments down below. And as always, thanks for reading guys.


One thought on “Mystic River Review

  1. One thing I will never understand is Hollyood’s perception of the Boston accent. Tinsel town has everyone in Mystic River speaking like Cliff Clavin.

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