EDITORIAL: Why I’m STILL Excited for Captain America: Civil War

Hey Guys!  The Editorials Return…  Don’t expect too many for a little while after this though. 😥  Yeah, yeah, I know you’re all sad!

Anyways, last weekend I was in New York then I was massively sick with that bug going around, so I couldn’t talk about the AWESOME new Captain America: Civil War trailer we got (which is awesome…).  And SPIDER-MAN!! But anyways, I decided instead to take that energy and kinda restate why this was my Most Anticipated Movie for 2016.  I basically did a post like this from last year, but now that we’ve seen some footage my thoughts are a little more formal and developed.  Enjoy!

Why I’m STILL Excited:  Captain America: Civil War

An Editorial (and English Essay…) by, John Hayeck

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My most anticipated movie for 2016 has been Captain America: Civil War, which is set to bow on May 6th. Last Friday, Marvel Studios released the second and final trailer for the film. In light of this, I found it timely to spend my final Occasional Paper discussing something I would very much enjoy talking about very much.

Marvel’s Civil War was a comic book storyline originally run from 2006-2007 and it told the tale of the Superhero Registration Act. The Act was a piece of government legislation that required all superheroes to register their abilities to the government’s supervision. Steve Rogers/Captain America found this to be unconstitutional, as many superheroes in the world (such as himself) had genetic powers that shouldn’t be monitored by the government in any capacity. Opposing Rogers (and promoting the ‘greater good’) was Tony Stark/Iron Man. After the two made their sides clear, every character in the Marvel Universe had to choose one. Soon after: war began.

Following this premise, who wouldn’t be excited to see such a premise translated onto the big screen? Marvel has made excellent films since 2008, but the company’s track record isn’t even at the top of my ‘reasons for excitement’ list. I am personally anticipating Captain America: Civil War so highly because of how it seems to be handling its characters and its multiple audience appeal.

Originally when the Civil War movie was announced, I questioned why it would be Captain America: Civil War, making it the third film in the Captain America film series. However, upon reflection, I realized that this was a genius move. Focusing the movie on one central protagonist is a great way to solidify audience loyalty. It is also a compelling concept to see one of the great Marvel heroes turn into one of the great Marvel villains in the form of Tony Stark/Iron Man, who will surely be developed and riveting. Though the movie will focus heavily on those two, it will also have other Marvel characters appear including Black Widow, Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Vision, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe introductions to Black Panther and Spider-Man (who got a great scene in the most recent trailer). This focus juxtaposed with a blend of characters will surely make Civil War unique and could hopefully be its best part.

The only possible aspect that may trump the characters built up in Civil War is the many genres. Where some films can become messy when crossing multiple genres, individual Marvel movies have always been great in more than just the superhero field. (Guardians of the Galaxy: a great comedy, Ant-Man: a great heist movie, Thor: a great fantasy movie.) The Captain America movies have been especially diversified thus far. The First Avenger was a WWII period piece about war technology, The Winter Soldier was a contemporary political thriller about corruption, and I believe Civil War could be a masterful psychological thriller about trust and surveillance. From the Civil War trailers, this movie looks to be brutal and taking tolls on all the characters involved. This blend of genres into more political and psychological realms appears to be a definitive sign of marketing to outside demographics, brining even more fans into the Marvel fandom.

In conclusion, Captain America: Civil War has not even been released yet and could (quite possibly) be terrible. That being said, Marvel has (in many fans’ eyes) not made a bad movie to date. This, in accordance with the source material, character focus, and genre blending however, gives me a good indicator that pre-order tickets was not a bad idea.


So guys, those are my updated thoughts on why I think Civil War will be AWESOME!  Let me know your thoughts down below, and what did you guys think of Spider-Man in the trailer?  I’ll be back this week in full-action with reviews of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Allegiant, Batman v. Superman, and maybe a couple other things.  And as always, thanks for reading guys.


2 thoughts on “EDITORIAL: Why I’m STILL Excited for Captain America: Civil War

  1. I love your reviews! When you come back from your lil hiatus, I would love to see your thoughts on the new Ben Hur trailer. I thought it was atrocious, but then again, I haven’t seen the original movie.

    (p.s. I don’t want to be mean but if you’re turning in this essay you should watch out for passive voice in the first paragraph and get rid of slashes and parentheses. teachers really like to take point off for that stuff. I hate to be that grammar kid but I just wanted to let you know)

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I actually haven’t checked out the new Ben-Hur trailer yet, but I’ve definitely heard the controversy about it going around the Internet… I suppose that’s to be expected with most remakes huh? Anyways, thank you so much for reading, and keep tuning in, I’ve got lots of posts coming up this coming week!! –John

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