Captain America: Civil War – Spoiler-Filled Thoughts

Let’s talk about THAT scene!

EDITORIAL: Why I’m STILL Excited for Captain America: Civil War

Hey Guys!  The Editorials Return…  Don’t expect too many for a little while after this though. 😥  Yeah, yeah, I know you’re all sad!

Anyways, last weekend I was in New York then I was massively sick with that bug going around, so I couldn’t talk about the AWESOME new Captain America: Civil War trailer we got (which is awesome…).  And SPIDER-MAN!! But anyways, I decided instead to take that energy and kinda restate why this was my Most Anticipated Movie for 2016.  I basically did a post like this from last year, but now that we’ve seen some footage my thoughts are a little more formal and developed.  Enjoy!

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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Review


  • There is only one movie I’m currently looking forward to more than Star Wars. And that is CIVIL WAR!!!!
  • I’m a fan of the graphic novel, I love the premise of Iron Man as an antagonist, I can’t wait to see Spider-Man and Black Panther among others, yet still remain a Captain America Standalone. So naturally I’m excited.
  • And we just got our first trailer for Civil War, and it looks pretty sweet!

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