EDITORIAL: What is the Best Game Show?

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What’s the Game Show?

an Editorial (and English Essay…) by, John Hayeck


Over the past several decades, various television shows have captured audiences’ attentions with engaging and entertaining premises. These T.V. shows have often been broken down into various genres, whether they be compelling crime-dramas, re-watchable sitcoms, or the recent trend of endless reality shows. I believe that the most engaging of any television show genre is the game show. There are countless game shows currently on T.V. that are joyful and interactive to fans of all ages. However, within the many genres of television, the question also arises about the best show in a given genre. Where Breaking Bad rules the crime-drama, Friends narrowly can be considered the winner of the re-watchable comedies, and Survivor is a foundation for any reality show now, the many programs of the game show genre are often seen to be without a clear winner. I believe, though, that Family Feud triumphs over all other game shows because of its interactive subject material and universal appeal to fans of all ages.

Family Feud is the king of all games shows primarily because of its interactive subject material. Family Feud bases its questions around a 100-person survey to which contestants quite easily guess the answers. Most of the time, games shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! create hard prompts for their contestants that are sometimes not even solved in an allotted time. By giving easier questions, Family Feud creates a more fun environment that makes the viewer and contestants feel more absorbed in the experience of the show. This is an impressive feat that makes the viewer feel the most engrossed in a genre that tries its best to do so, accomplishing what some similar shows attempt and do not succeed at doing.

Family Feud also reigns superior over the game show genre because of its mass appeal to many demographics. Despite its occasionally raunchy questions, the title ‘Family’ Feud displays that this is a show for fans of all ages. The contestants on the show often vary in age too, sometimes ranging from early-20s to mid-70s. This allows all members of the audience to relate to at least one contestant on the show who is around their age. Because of the ease in each question, viewers and contestants on the show are all able to feel important because he or she is able to guess at least one answer correctly. While many television shows of many genres often pander to a target demographic, Family Feud is fun for any one who may flip on an episode, and does not alienate the audience like the needlessly complex other shows of its genre.

Family Feud is unquestionably the greatest game show on television. The show provides simple yet engaging content and appeals to viewers of all ages. The game show genre is often viewed as low budget or trivial, but Family Feud is a great time whenever one watches an episode. Developing an idea for an effective game show is extremely hard in this day in age, mainly because shows like Family Feud have already mastered the art of making one compelling and resound with thousands of viewers.



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