March 2016 Update

Hey Guys!

Long time no update…

So here is a brief overview of the past month and what to expect for the next month or two-ish.

You guys have really been liking the Youtube Reviews I’ve been doing and I’ve been trying to stay up-to-date with plenty of written posts too.  That’ll stay the format going forward, new reviews posted on Youtube (search “John Hayeck” or go to and they’ll also be posted here.

In addition to those, you guys have seemed to like my Editorials and Top 10’s, so I will try to crank out at least 2-3 of those each month going forward (either written or filmed).  And when time allows, the exclusively-written posts will stay as older movie reviews.

That being said, April is a pretty dead season for movies…  I’ll try to still see 4-5 new releases this month, but be sure to comment what older movies you guys would like to see from me in the next month and what your most anticipated movies for April are!

And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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