Hush Review

  • Typically I don’t do Reviews of movies that are Straight-To-Netflix or Straight-To-DVD, but I had to make an exception for this one…


  • Hush is a new movie about a deaf woman who lives out in the woods and she’s trying to finish up her newest novel.
  • But then, one day, a psychopath starts harassing her inside and around her house, planning to eventually murder her.
  • So yeah, this is a typical home-invasion movie, but with the twist of having a deaf woman as the victim.
  • And the ADDITIONAL twist that this movie isn’t like most home-invasion movies, it’s not cheesy or B-grade. It’s actually excellent.
  • The main character’s name is Maddie and the actress who plays her is named Katie Siegel. And Katie Siegel is amazing at capturing the fear and tortured feeling of someone in this horrendous situation. The main point of amazement is that she can’t speak in the role, yet she’s still fantastic.
  • There are a few other actors in the movie who play their parts well, including the psycho.
  • And the psycho (I won’t give away who plays him) is terrifying as well!
  • A lot of times these maniacs in home-invasion movies will overact, but not this guy.
  • This guy was crazy because you didn’t just see him going wild.
  • You saw him as a crazy guy because of his desire to hurt this woman, and how he wanted to play with her mind first.
  • THAT’S what real psychos do, and this guy made me feel unsafe. He like reminded me that there are actually sick people out there in the world.
  • Horror movies are great with their ghosts and monsters, but slashers always get to me like that. If executed well, they can remind you that there are actual slashers out there and prove just how horrific the real world is…
  • So you’ve got great actors that make you scared in real life, and the director also steals the show, crafting these scares that frighten you.
  • The movie isn’t a jump-scare fest either, so the silence and thrilling elements make it even more horrifying and add a layer of realism.
  • As you guys can tell, this movie did a number on me.
  • I thought it was phenomenal and felt baffling realistic.
  • It put a great twist on the home-invasion movie, all the acting was stellar and the direction was fantastic as well.
  • I can’t think of too many flaws other than I wish the movie was longer…
  • Maybe 10-15 extra minutes to sink in a few of the themes, then we fully grasp the characters’ mindsets 100% by the end.
  • And some scenes could’ve used a LITTLE more light just to see a bit more clearly what was happening.
  • But I think Hush fully deserves an A–, it’s really an incredible film available on Netflix right now if you guys are the mood for some thrills.


But guys, those are just MY thoughts on Hush. Be sure to leave yours in the comments down below! You guys can follow me on Twitter ( or Subscribe to me on YouTube where I do new Movie Reviews every week ( Comment on this post, share it around with some friends. I’m John Hayeck, and as always, thank you guys so much for reading.


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