Stranger Things Season 1 Review


  • So if you guys haven’t heard by now, Stranger Things is a show that just dropped on Netflix.
  • And basically it takes place in 1983 and feels like Stephen King meets E.T. or Super 8 with more government secrets.
  • It follows this group of kids who are trying to solve a mystery, meanwhile there’s a lot of shady government stuff going on in a nearby lab.
  • It’s SUPER hard not to ruin this show, but I’m gonna do my best, and the short version of this review is: WATCH IT.
  • It’s only 8 Episodes, it’s on Netflix right now, have fun!


  • So the main cast of this show is a group of kids.
  • The main kid’s name is Mike and he’s one of the three best parts of this show.
  • He’s a good friend, but he has to deal with his other friends stupidity sometimes. He tries to act mature, but really can’t be an adult since he’s just a kid.
  • I related to him, he was a great lead for the show, he isn’t annoying. Hopefully you’re sold on him!
  • Then there’s his two interchangeable friends who both are fine for the show. Mike needs some friends, these two kids are there, awesome.
  • But what’s great is that the three of them work together so well and they’re just super witty and kinda jerks sometimes, which I like.
  • They reminded me of the kids from 80s movies, like a solid group of friends who you believe are friends.
  • Then there’s a girl who kinda comes into their group named Elle who’s a very mysterious character and has some ties to the secret government lab.
  • She was my second of three favorite parts of the show.
  • Seeing Elle grow and develop with these other characters is awesome, especially her relationship with Mike.
  • My other favorite thing besides Mike and Elle is the Sheriff.
  • There’s a sheriff in this show who’s trying to solve the mystery and he was my single favorite part of this show.
  • He reminded me of Sheriff Romero from Bates Motel meets Han Solo.
  • He’s kinda reluctant to do his job, but he cares about his job a lot.
  • And by the end of the season, his backstory straight-up has you in tears.
  • There’s tons of other characters in the show, almost all of whom are great.
  • Mike’s sister is good, her boyfriend is good, even the bullies are effective bullies.
  • The only character that I didn’t like was Winona Ryder’s character.
  • She’s directly linked to the mystery of the show, and she’s emotionally troubled by it, but the whole time I felt like she was kinda over-acting.
  • I like Winona Ryder, I think she’s a good actress, but I felt like the trauma faced by her character wasn’t explored as well as some other characters facing hardships in movies or shows.


  • But characters aside, there’s TONS of other stuff to love in this show as well.
  • I’ve been mentioning the mystery.
  • I loved that this show was able to create an intriguing, entertaining mystery and keep it running throughout all 8 Episodes.
  • I also love that the season is only 8 Episodes!
  • They bring closure before any episodes feel useless, and every single minute feels important to making this show end well.
  • And “ending well”?
  • I always complain about “the second half wasn’t as great as the first half” but in this show, it got better and more bizarre as it went along.
  • And truly, as the show got more bizarre, it still made sense.
  • It was kinda funny, they introduced monsters and stuff from the start of the first episode. And when they did that, I thought, “man, there’s a really cool sci-fi concept that they could experiment with in Season 2 if this monster thing works out.”
  • By the end of Season 1, THAT concept was brought in and a main element of the story.
  • Now I have no idea where Season 2 could go!
  • But they leave it open enough for a Season 2…
  • In terms of negatives, the only other thing I can think of is that it’s a very TV-14 show and it maybe could’ve gone a little darker, a little more grim, but it was still plenty dark and plenty grim for the show it wanted to be.
  • I liked almost all of the characters, the sheriff, Mike and Elle were the standouts.
  • The mystery was great, the show progresses really well.
  • You guys should definitely check out Stranger Things if you haven’t already, like I said it’s only 8 Episodes.
  • And I’m gonna give it an A–.


But guys, those are just MY thoughts on Stranger Things. Be sure to leave yours in the comments down below! You guys can follow me on Twitter ( or Subscribe to me on YouTube where I do new Movie Reviews every week ( Comment on this post, share it around with some friends. I’m John Hayeck, and as always, thank you guys so much for reading.


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