24: Live Another Day SPOILER Review

It’s roughly 1:30 a.m., which means the West Coast has seen the Live Another Day finale, and I can talk spoilers on it!  That is an official SPOILER WARNING for anyone who hasn’t seen Live Another Day yet. You guys who haven’t seen the show, I implore you to check out my Spoiler-Free Review, linked here. If I didn’t mention it in there, I’ll say it here: you can jump right into the show at this season, so read the Spoiler-Free Review, watch the season, then come back here and have some fun with the rest of us! Clicked? Gone? Okay good!

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24: Live Another Day Review

After the finale of this season aired, I turned to my brother who was sitting next to me and just said, “that was great television”.

24: Live Another Day is the ‘limited time revival run’ of 24, the show we all loved when it was on or when we binged it on Netflix (yeah that’s me). But in either case, that is the show I won’t be reviewing, I’ll only be talking about the limited run. I may do a review of the original 24 at some point, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen some seasons, and I missed a few episodes in a couple seasons, but in any case it is one of my favorite show’s ever. Also, this review is spoiler-free, there will be a spoiler-heavy review in the next few days but this is not it!

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