Dark Places Review


  • We have a rarity on today’s review folks!
  • Typically I try to stay away from reading books before the movie comes out, that way I can judge the movie on its own for the film.
  • Last year I read Gone Girl only after I had seen the movie, but in this case I had read the book beforehand…
  • I’ll try not to make any comparisons between the two though. The Dark Places book I really did enjoy and thought it was cool and suspenseful.
  • As a movie? It was BOOORRRRRRRRING.

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Dark Places Trailer Review


  • I actually just finished reading Gillian Flynn’s novel Dark Places about a week ago.
  • And now the poster just dropped, the trailer just dropped, and I’m excited.
    • Because it looks good.
  • (And yeah I didn’t see the new Age of Ultron trailer because I don’t want the whole movie to be spoiler for me by the time I see it.  So we got Dark Places trailer, and maybe a Mr. Holmes Trailer review also…)


  • Dark Places is about a woman named Libby Day (played by Charlize Theron) who survives the murder of her three family members as a young girl, and then testifies against her brother who she claims committed the crime.
  • But 30 years later, some crime experts that research the case bring her onto their team and try to prove that her brother may be innocent after all…
  • And don’t worry, no spoilers ahead (cuz like I said, I’ve read the book).

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