Arrow Seasons 1 and 2 Review


  • Man, it has been a WHILE since we’ve done some TV talk here on My Movie Thoughts!
  • And there IS a reason for that.
  • Movies are great, they’re my favorite thing. Movies are also easy, they’re much less time-consuming.
  • TV takes a lot of time to watch. If I’m reviewing a bad movie, I just have to sit through for 90 minutes or two hours, then rant about it, and go back to the theater the next week to hopefully see something better.
  • With TV, I’m not gonna sit through something for 6-10 seasons if it’s mediocre just to do a review. (Unless that show is Parks and Rec, ohhhh burn!) Unless I hear great things and enjoy the first few episodes, then I’m not gonna spend my time on it, when I could be watching a bunch of movies or hanging out with my friends instead.
  • But…. There are still a few shows that I do watch on a week-by-week basis. The Walking Dead, and Better Call Saul.
  • Arrow hasn’t elevated to that category yet because I binged Seasons 1 and 2 during November of last year, and Season 3 was already about halfway over and I didn’t feel like catching up til it was on Netflix.
  • Well today, Season 3 is on Netflix, so here are my thoughts on a show that I DO definitely recommend you spend your time on!
    • I’ll start watching Season 3 tonight then immediately regret everything I’m about to say…

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