How I Met Your Mother Re-Review


  • Hello all!
  • How I Met Your Mother is a show that I’ve spent a lot of time on.
  • I’ve done a Review, I’ve done a Spoiler-Filled Review, I’ve even done a Review of the Alternate Ending!
  • But on the 10th Anniversary on when How I Met Your Mother originally aired its first episode, here I am back again to talk about my slightly revised thoughts on the show.
  • Mild spoilers ahead. But really don’t worry about it…

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How I Met Your Mother Review

How I Met Your Mother does a great job of combining its two central themes: romance and hilarity. I wish I could do as good a job combining my two central themes about it: appreciation and distaste.

Following that, I will start off by saying: this is a very good show, a great show even. It had its missteps though, and I’ll get to those. First, I’ll discuss the elements of the show that work. What really sells How I Met Your Mother is the cast and the premise.

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