How I Met Your Mother Re-Review


  • Hello all!
  • How I Met Your Mother is a show that I’ve spent a lot of time on.
  • I’ve done a Review, I’ve done a Spoiler-Filled Review, I’ve even done a Review of the Alternate Ending!
  • But on the 10th Anniversary on when How I Met Your Mother originally aired its first episode, here I am back again to talk about my slightly revised thoughts on the show.
  • Mild spoilers ahead. But really don’t worry about it…

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How I Met Your Mother SPOILER Review

SPOILER ALERT! This article will have spoilers from How I Met Your Mother. If you haven’t seen the show but need an opinion on it, feel free to read my spoiler-free review. Seriously, the show could be ruined if you read this! If you click the Read More Tag, then you’ll be transported to my spoiler thoughts, so go ahead if you’ve seen the show or really just don’t care.

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How I Met Your Mother Review

How I Met Your Mother does a great job of combining its two central themes: romance and hilarity. I wish I could do as good a job combining my two central themes about it: appreciation and distaste.

Following that, I will start off by saying: this is a very good show, a great show even. It had its missteps though, and I’ll get to those. First, I’ll discuss the elements of the show that work. What really sells How I Met Your Mother is the cast and the premise.

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