Minions Review


  • Alright it just broke that Ben Affleck is directing and co-writing the next standalone Batman movie. It’s pretty late at night, I have to wake up early tomorrow so I can only talk about one thing…
  • Yeah Minions is more fresh in my head.
  • And funny enough, I never saw Despicable Me 2…
  • The first Despicable Me I thought was okay, I suppose… Nothing super special.
  • And though this Minions movie wasn’t perfect by any means, I had a pretty good time with it!


  • Okay, so Minions is the story of those little yellow potato things from the Despicable Me movies, only this time they’re the headliners.
  • This thing takes place in 1968 and it’s the Minions running around in the ‘60s, pulling shenanigans and such.
  • And yeah, it’s very enjoyable.
  • Here is the bottom line up front before I go into the specifics: kids and fans of the Despicable Me movies will LOVE this movie. If you loved the Despicable Me movies, you’ll love this movie too. I wasn’t a Despicable Me fanboy going in, and even then there’s still a lot of fun to be had with this movie, even if it gets fairly stupid at times.

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