Eighth Grade – Movie Thoughts

“I Loved Eighth Grade” is not a sentence I ever imagined saying until now…


Now You See Me Review

Now You See Me is one of those movies that can described in just one word: cool.

This 2013 film has some of the most clever writing and witty dialogue I’ve seen in a movie in a long time, maybe ever. And that writing is really what makes this movie worth while. So many films nowadays have less-than-superior writing and that overall less-than-superiority brings those films down as a whole. Now You See Me, though, reminds us that some movies still have great writing, in the sense: nothing is irrelevant. You see this more in TV shows, but it can still happen in movies, where there’s a plotline that goes NO WHERE. Dexter Season 8 is an example where the entire thing is one useless plothole after another. Now You See Me really shows that there is no extra frosting on the cake: everything is important and it’s just the right amount.

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