2015 Academy Award Nominees Announced!


  • I’m getting this to you guys a couple days late, and I’m sorry about that.
    • I just had to find the chunks of my brain that flew out after The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Feature, and try to reassemble those chunks in the proper fashion.
  • Yeah we’ll talk about that snub later, but seriously: yeah I had a ton of projects to finish for the semester at school all day Thursday.
    • Friday I was busy too and worked hard to crank out Night at the Museum Spoiler-Free and Spoiler Filled (you’ll get that later tonight) Reviews.
    • I spent like 2 and a half hours on Spider-Man yesterday and just spent the rest of the day hibernating.
    • NOW here’s the Oscar Nominees Reaction Post!
      • And the American Sniper Review should be out in the next couple days too.
    • Man, January is so much busier for movies than I thought!
    • (Before I start, too, click here for a full list of nominees in the categories I’m gonna discuss!)

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