Incredibles 2 – Movie Thoughts

Can the sequel live up to the original?  It’s tough….

Top 5 Best Pixar Movies


  • Alright ladies and gentlemen, every now and again a movie is about to come out and that movie is in a very specific genre.
  • And when such a release is nigh, I’ll do a Top 10 List of my favorite movies from that genre.
  • Now Pixar, of course, isn’t a genre but is a production company.
  • And no this isn’t a Top 10, but I still haven’t seen two or three of the less-hyped Pixar movies (Monsters University, Cars 2, Bug’s Life) so I couldn’t round it out to an even 10.
  • But nevertheless, in preparation for Inside Out, a movie I’ll see probably Thursday, here are my Top 5 favorite Pixar Movies!

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