EDITORIAL: Should DiCaprio Win the Oscar?

Should DiCaprio Win the Oscar?

an Editorial (and English Essay…) by, John Hayeck

There are many popular actors and actresses working in Hollywood today, one of the most talented of whom is Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio began his big-screen career in the critically acclaimed film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. DiCaprio’s role in Gilbert Grape earned him his first Oscar nomination in 1994. Leo did not the award for Best Supporting Actor that year, however he would go on to star in many more acclaimed movies over the next twenty years. To this day though, Leonardo DiCaprio has still not won an Oscar for any role he has portrayed, and he is again nominated this year for his work in The Revenant. DiCaprio has become a very popular celebrity over the course of his career, which has led many of his fans to believe that he should win an Academy Award for any role he is in. With the Oscars just under a month away, this hype has risen greatly, and has prompted me to wonder: should Leo win the Oscar this year?

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The Martian Review


  • So, The Martian is the newest movie from Ridley Scott starring Matt Damon and a laundry list of other celebrities.
  • And it’s about Mark Watney (Damon) who is left on Mars, with few resources to survive in the aftermath of a mission gone awry.
  • Now we’ll get this out of the way first: yes, this is a VERY good movie.
  • No, I don’t think it’s the Messiah that a lot of other critics have been praising it to be though… Sorry!

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