Why I’m Worried – Terminator: Genisys


  • They spelled “Genesis” with a Y. Why do you think I’m nervous!?
  • No but in all seriousness, I typically won’t do a disclaimer for these kinds of posts but here we go!
  • So, what I’m about to say isn’t why I think this movie is going to BAD, it’s just why what has come out so far worries me about Terminator Genisws.
  • This doesn’t mean I want the movie to be bad, nor do I want to give it a bad review, I want to love every movie I see.
  • But there are a few signs so far as to why I have my concerns for Terminator: Genises…
  • So the movie could be great (which I want it to be!), and I will acknowledge I was totally wrong. Or it could be terrible and I shouldn’t have ever doubted myself.
  • Either way, here’s why I’m worried about Terminator: Genisys.

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