Why I’m Worried – Terminator: Genisys


  • They spelled “Genesis” with a Y. Why do you think I’m nervous!?
  • No but in all seriousness, I typically won’t do a disclaimer for these kinds of posts but here we go!
  • So, what I’m about to say isn’t why I think this movie is going to BAD, it’s just why what has come out so far worries me about Terminator Genisws.
  • This doesn’t mean I want the movie to be bad, nor do I want to give it a bad review, I want to love every movie I see.
  • But there are a few signs so far as to why I have my concerns for Terminator: Genises…
  • So the movie could be great (which I want it to be!), and I will acknowledge I was totally wrong. Or it could be terrible and I shouldn’t have ever doubted myself.
  • Either way, here’s why I’m worried about Terminator: Genisys.

Initial Ideas

  • Okay, originally I was super excited for this movie the same way I was for Fantastic Four (the way I still am for Fantastic Four).
  • Because everything is needlessly gritty and dark nowadays, the Terminator franchise could benefit from that by bringing on a really big directing talent to capture the even more grim situation in the Terminator universe (even more so than the first few movies).
  • But as the first few images and first few trailers began to come out (and of course the name change) I started to realize that this didn’t look dark and gritty at all.
  • And the first sign of that was the promotional covers for Entertainment Weekly.

Entertainment Weekly Covers

  • Here’s a fun game from Highlights magazine: what’s wrong with this photo?
  • (By the way, I don’t own this photo so whoever does please don’t sue me, hopefully you like this post enough to not do so!)


  • You see it? Do ya?
  • Yeah, Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese in the movie apparently) is missing THE ENTIRE MIDDLE OF HIS BODY.
  • When I first heard that I chuckled and thought, “ooo, well that’s embarrassing for Entertainment Weekly!”
  • But as I read more and more into it, apparently, they make these photos on the set and send them over?
  • I’m not completely sure if that’s true but it would make sense.
  • When these are the first images you’re showing the viewing public of a beloved franchise (at least the first half of it), and you get them wrong, that’s a bad sign.

First Trailer

  • When the first trailer (linked above) dropped for this movie, I had forgotten about the covers fiasco and was still pretty excited for the movie because despite some technical errors, the images seemed interesting and got me intrigued for the movie.
  • This trailer dropped the same week as the first Jurassic World trailer and the Star Wars Episode VII teaser, and maybe it was just by comparison but I hated it.
  • This was the worst trailer I had seen in a while because not only was it actively confusing in terms of plot, but it was way too flashy and seemed like they had rushed through the special effects process to get to a party at James Cameron’s house that night.
  • And the cheesy, “come with me if you want to live,” and, “I’ll be back,” were just way too forced at this point…
  • Arnold might be the best part of this movie, but his past few movies have been less than hits so to say, and his performances in them have been the definition of cartoony. Like I said, he could be phenomenal and redeem the whole thing if the rest of it is bad, but I think this franchise could move on if they simply didn’t have him (or apparently his younger self, c’mon…) in it.
  • After I saw the first trailer a couple more times forcefully in theaters it started to grow on me a bit but I was still underwhelmed and hoped for the second trailer to be an improvement.

Second Trailer

  • Ya know, that first trailer actually wasn’t that bad know that I think about.
  • Because holy crap this second trailer…
  • I’m intentionally not linking it here because I’m pretty sure it spoiled the movie.
  • This trailer showed a particular twist that I think will come in the third act, and the trailer will have completely ruined the movie.
  • How does a self-respecting filmmaker do that in a trailer?
  • Like I said, don’t watch it and you’ll probably enjoy the movie a lot more!

James Cameron

  • There is some reassurance though.
  • Apparently James Cameron has seen this movie (though he could have just been paid to say this, or he was just high from the fumes in the Avatar 2, 3, and 4 writing room) and he says it’s the official third movie in the franchise.
  • Like I said, that is a bit reassuring because this guy knows great movie.
  • Does that mean this movie will be great? I doubt it.
  • I know that some of the Schmoes Know crew have seen parts of this movie and they say it isn’t close to good.
  • But regardless, I don’t want to go off of hearsay because I do truly want to like this movie, I’ll go in with a clear mind, putting all of these worries aside, and I hope this entire post is proven wrong.
    • But if it is terrible, be sure to check in here on July 1st for my full review to avoid it.
    • Future self-promotion never hurt anyone.


So guys, there’s Why I’m Worried for Terminator: Genisys. Are you guys excited or worried for this movie, or do you just not want to set any expectations going in? If you don’t you’re smarter than me. Either way, let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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