Penguins of Madagascar Trailer Review

I recognize this trailer came out a couple weeks ago, but I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 today, therefore I saw the trailer today.

I won’t lie, I really liked this trailer! The Penguins were the best part of the Madagascar movies and I’m excited to see they’re getting their own movie! I’m also excited because I heard on and off that this movie was going to happen, but I was waiting for it to be canceled, but now that it is happening I’m excited to see it.

Will this movie be good? I don’t know, but the trailer was funny and I’m interested in seeing the full product. I mean the first scene of this trailer is setting it up like a spy movie which is cool, like playing this intense music, then we see the Penguins and they’re messing around giving each other high-fives and it’s exactly what you loved from the Madagascar movies (or, the two good ones…).

Then the majority of the trailer is this one scene where the Penguins are being inducted into this league of animal protection or something, and Skipper is just loudly chomping on these cheese doodles so the main guy has to keep repeating himself. Some could find that annoying, but I think it’s perfectly in character for Skipper and will probably fit right for the situation.

This trailer really showcases some cool shots from the movie too, like they’re falling from this plane in a scene and the shot is moving up and down, and especially for an animation that’s really cool. And the end is obviously directed at kids’ senses of humor, as is the whole trailer, but can still get some chuckles from older viewers.

So guys, all in all, I’m pretty excited for this movie. It’s DreamWorks, so they know what they’re doing, the Penguins were awesome in Madagascar, and Penguins of Madagascar is now another reason why this November in movies is going to be awesome.


So guys those are my thoughts on Penguins of Madagascar coming November 26th 2014. Have you guys seen this trailer? If so, let me know what you thought of it down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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