New Rating System!

Hello my loyal fanbase! We have now gotten to the 25th post on this lovely blog, and I thought it was about time I came up with a rating system of sorts after originally not doing one, then doing one a certain way, then changing it. All of that confusion can be cleared up here!

First, let me tell you a little bit about this blog. If you didn’t know, I do this entirely for fun, I’m not making any money (yet), it’s not even a Google result for the site’s title (though I’m working on getting it indexed). I love talking about movies and TV and trailers and movie news and TV rumors that I thought it would be fun to start doing it on an individual site instead of annoy my Twitter followers, so I started up this website on a slow Sunday afternoon. Now this is not the story of why I started doing this, because that’s a longer story for a longer ways down the road, but it is just a brief history of the site.

When I started the site I was trying to write kind of formally and express my opinions in a very well-crafted type of way. Though I still hold to that second one, you guys know I talk very informally in my posts, and it actually resembles my actual spoken dialect. And originally I was busy just writing these pieces of literally expertise I decided that a rating system was a simplification of everything I had just written. I am subscribed to and love listening to Jeremy Jahns movie reviews over on YouTube and I think he put it best in some video he did. He said that people would just judge that movie based on a number or grade and barely pay attention to the actual review. And I wasn’t gonna do a rating system, but then decided it would just be easier…

So I did a “Star-Based” system in the True Detective Season 1 Review, but that was before I even had the idea of a rating system, so it’s not my valid system.

Then in the Crazy, Stupid Love Review and Horrible Bosses Review, I did something where I would score it out of 5, but I would use something witty that was in the context of the movie I was talking about. Like if I were doing The Social Network Review, I might say 5 Jesse Eisenberg Oscar Nominations Out of 5. It’s funny because he was nominated for an Academy Award for that movie, yet that’s kind of the character he plays in everything, so there isn’t much of a chance he’d get more than one. But you guys probably got that. I then realized that coming up with a new one of those that is witty for every review I do will be really hard, and I don’t do hard.

Now before arriving at my system currently, I’ll tell you some rejected ideas. I thought of doing a one-line quip at the end, but couldn’t come up with an effective one for right now. I also considered scoring out of 100, 10, but then decided 5 is a good one to score it out of. Just out of 5. No stars, no other noun to be scored out of, just the number 5. And I’ll tell you what each number means, since you guys obviously didn’t take first grade math.


1/5 – This movie is something that I’ll regret spending money on and could never watch again. There may have been one interesting scene, but it’s something that is forgettable and just not worth the time just for one or two scenes.

2/5 – A movie that is either a guilty pleasure movie, something you’re embarrassed you like, something that wasn’t as good as you thought it would be, or something that has obvious effort and at least a few good scenes. It’s something that’s close to a 3, but still pretty poor in performance, and I can’t give a fresh rating just for trying. Maybe watch it on cable (which I’d probably say in the review). An example would be Blended, if I could give that a rating it would be 2/5. If I’m feeling like a jerk while reviewing it or just feel bad it wasn’t all there (an example being the first Grown-Ups) I’d give it a 2.9/5. Just a tear-drop below fresh!

3/5 – This is a movie that you can actually sit through and not regret having paid money to see. You need a 3/5 or a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes to be considered “Fresh” and that’s what I do here. This is a movie that is recommended seeing and you will probably enjoy while watching, despite the few flaws it probably has. An example was Horrible Bosses.

4/5 – A movie that was very well done, that had interesting characters and a really interesting story. I would consider buying this movie on DVD, or even going back to the theater to see again. An example would be Edge of Tomorrow and The Fault in Our Stars.

4 ½/5 – A movie that is so near perfect I feel bad for not leaning to one side. It probably has just one flaw that made me give it the peg up from 4, but also the peg down from 5. An example would be Now You See Me or How I Met Your Mother.

5/5 – A fantastic movie. I said for a 4 that I would consider going back and seeing it again or buying it, well this is a movie I definitely will see again and I definitely will buy. It deserves plenty of acclaim and lots of love. An example would be The Dark Knight, True Detective or Community all of which I have on DVD. I have only seen ONE 5/5 new release movie in 2014, and you guys can guess what it is down below…


Quick Note: All TV Show Reviews and Movie Reviews will have ratings. I will not rate trailers or any kind of News/Rumors. This is because most news I cover would probably be either a 1/5 or 5/5.


Alright guys, that is my new rating system. What do you think of it, and is there some more convenient way I could have done it? If so, let me know down below (actually tell me and I will reconsider), remember to guess what the only 5/5 so far this year is and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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