The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Review

This weekend is Comic-Con, which means there will be a lot of information on movies, TV and future franchises announced. I will get posts to you guys on any of these that I feel are important, and will have them rolling out into next week. I won’t, however, be doing posts on everything. Example: the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, no thank you… But The Walking Dead Season Five trailer? Yes please.

I can almost summarize what I think of the upcoming season in a few simple words: it looks tense. It looks intense for sure, but it looks like it is going to be a heavy, emotional and deep season. My problem with Walking Dead Season Four is that the eight episodes after mid-season felt like they were WAY too much filler. This trailer shows what I was hoping those episodes would be like. As I said: dark, tense, deep, emotional yet still action-packed and gory. That is desperately what I hope Season Five is, and they didn’t just show footage from the first episode like last year. But if this is just footage from the Season Five Premiere, I’d still be pretty jacked.

What I also love about this trailer is that it shows where the producers are taking the show. Everyone has speculations on the simple topic: where and when will Walking Dead end? I thought that last season with Abraham’s crew was a really cool step towards an end-game, but then I saw a spoiler online about Eugene’s character and immediately disregarded that admiration. But it looks like that spoiler doesn’t apply to the show and the goal of the show is to get to Washington D.C. and hopefully end the whole walker outbreak. I sort-of hope that if this happens, they pull a Breaking Bad ending and all the characters die as the outbreak is coming to an end. Or they could do what the book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ does, and there are only a few walkers left, (maybe we do a time jump three years into the future) and Rick just gets totally taken down as the whole outbreak is almost over. I am excited that the producers have an end-game in mind though because I was seriously starting to question if a Dexter or How I Met Your Mother Season Nine thing was going to happen, and it would just turn into a cash-grab. I’m predicting that the show will wrap after Season Six, or if not and they really want it to drag, then Season Seven. AMC is usually good for recognizing when a show should end.

The whole Terminus situation looks really grim for these characters and I love that. It shows that society has completely devolved and the walkers aren’t the only enemies here. The Governor was a bad-egg, sure, but Terminus shows that there are communities (dozens of people) who are just at humanity’s lowest low. It’s cool that they’re incorporating those social implications into the show that were teased a bit last season.

And speaking of teasing last season, let’s talk about this whole Beth thing! As the trailer was wrapping up, I was thinking to myself, “alright, now I have to go back and watch this again to see if Beth is somewhere…” I like that the trailer had a couple of clips with her after the title. If you guys remember, at last year’s Comic-Con after the ‘The Walking Dead’ title was on the screen, the clip it showed was Daryl and Michonne in the car, and they hear the “those who arrive survive” message on the radio. Maybe that’s what they’re doing. Maybe every year the Comic-Con trailer’s final scene is a teaser of where the show is going for the next year’s season.

Either way, this trailer for The Walking Dead Season Five has me intrigued and has restored my faith in the show after the extremely uneven Season Four. I’m really excited for Season Five of the show now and honestly cannot wait for October 12th.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the Comic-Con trailer of The Walking Dead Season Five. What’s your favorite season of The Walking Dead so far, and what do you think of the show in general? It’s definitely more mixed than Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is a universally beloved show, but there are some people who are a little turned away by TWD, and that is understandable. Regardless, your favorite season and thoughts on the show, let me know down below! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, links down below also. And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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