Batman v Superman Writer in Talks to Write Justice League

As I said in my ‘Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Review’ there is a massive amount of information rolling out of Comic-Con right now, and that onslaught of news will be my main coverage for the next week or so. I won’t be covering everything however. Example: three Ant-Man stars dropped out of the project, that’s unfortunate, I’m starting to have a little less faith in the movie, that is all. But this is a highly likely rumor that emerged yesterday and I thought there was plenty to talk about, so let’s discuss a Justice League rumor!

This big rumor is that Warner Brothers is seriously interested in Chris Terrio, the screenwriter of Batman v Superman, to write the Justice League movie. I’ve done posts in the past where my thoughts on Batman v Superman seemed extremely negative, but they really aren’t. I want every movie I see to succeed, I’m just worried about Batman v Superman in terms of script, which is why this choice could potentially be worrisome. I don’t know anything about the actual script right now though, only what I know from casting announcements, and I’ve said this is probably a result of bad publicity. In fact, what would have been even cooler than The Avengers would have been a Justice League movie, but Marvel struck first and now DC is sprinting to catch up. I heard in the announcements about this news that Warner Brothers was “very impressed by his script and just needed him back”. That is very paraphrased, but the point is that the thought his script was good. I’ll put my faith in Warner Brothers, since they have authority over DC movies: if Mr. Warner Brothers thinks that the script is decent enough to hire Chris Terrio back without even seeing if the movie does well, then it must be an impressive script.

I do have a minor concern that Terrio having worked solely on projects like Argo which are more realistic and even Batman v Superman will be a lot less fantasy-based than Justice League. I hope that Justice League has its fantasy elements (as I assume it will) but it also maintains a realistic feel, because if it does then I’m sure Terrio will do a great job.

To summarize, I’ve been getting a bit more excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now that the casting announcements have settled down and Warner seems confident with it. I am starting to withdraw some previous concerns I had with the film and if the trailers are good, then I may be really excited for it.


So guys, those are my thoughts on Chris Terrio in serious talks to write the Justice League movie. There is a ton of Justice League news coming out of Hall H as I’m writing this and I actually just saw the first Wonder Woman photo as I was writing this. I’ll do a post on that later today. And the comment question of the day: who do you guys think would be an awesome writer in the DC Universe? Whoever it may be, let me know down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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