Futurama Review

Futurama is a show that has aired on a couple different networks and wrapped up its run about a year ago. Usually I watch an entire show before doing a series review, but this is an animated show, and I’ve seen plenty to talk about.

The premise of Futurama is that a down-on-his-luck pizza delivery dude named Fry who is doing a delivery, and then is unintentionally cryogenically frozen until the year 3000. Or, actually it’s 2999, but it’s Ne Year’s Eve, so technically 3000! And from there we have a fun ensemble casts that are having adventures in the future and space, and it’s an overall blast.

What really makes this show work is the wacky cast of characters. After Fry there’s Leela who’s supposed to be a ‘by-the-book’ character. Fry wants to have fun, and Leela is the one to warn him. Sometimes she’s kind of annoying, but the times she has a focus episode, she’s awesome. Then we have Bender, the talking alcoholic robot. Bender is one of my two favorite characters on the show because he really speaks his mind. He likes to have fun, which makes him work well with Fry, and he’s also switching between moods really quickly, which provides a lot of laughs. Then there’s Dr. Zoidberg, and though he doesn’t have too big a role, his character is hilarious. I don’t want to say what type of creature he is, because it’s the most ridiculous thing on the show. You guys will like him. And then there’s the Professor who’s Bender’s only living relative in 3000.  He doesn’t show up all that much, but he usually has a lot of great lines and (same as Leela) when he has a focus episode, it’s absurdly awesome. I’m not going to go through every character, so I’ll do a few quick mentions before my other favorite. Hermes is cool and has awesome one-liners; Amy is kind of annoying, but functional; and Kif is there. But here it is friends, my favorite character other than Bender in the whole show is Zapp Brannigan. He’s this up-on-himself jock kind of guy, who thinks he’s all that but isn’t. He also thinks he’s a ladies-man, but fails epically at any attempt to get with any girl. He makes every scene of every episode he’s in the best possible episode it could be.

It’s kind of funny: I was on the Futurama Wikipedia page to make sure I was spelling all of these names properly, and I found out the same guys voices like five of the characters I just named off. Huh…

It has great reply value too, especially if you’re, like, hanging out with your friends and just want some ambient noise in the background while you talk, then this is a show you’ll be entertained by a couple jokes from.

And this isn’t the kind of show that will emotionally scar any kids. Like, it’s a pretty safe show if 6 year-old Bobby accidentally switches the channel from Nickelodeon, he’d enjoy Futurama too.

Futurama is the kind of show that is, ultimately, a lot of fun. When I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy, it reminded me a lot of the live action, funnier Futurama. So if you like really cool characters, some smart-ish humor and likable characters that progress the story more than the humor, I think you’ll like Futurama.



So guys, those are my thoughts on Futurama. What are your thoughts and who’s your favorite character? Let me know in the comments down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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