Black Mirror: Playtest Review

Yup, VR is way scarier than we think….

Black Mirror: Shut Up and Dance Review

Yes, the intro is a reference to Walk the Moon’s song…….

True Detective Season 2 Premiere Review


  • I try not to do episodic reviews of shows because I don’t watch a ton of shows that air week-to-week, I prefer the binge-style format, and when I do, I’m usually proven wrong.
    • Full Season 5 of Walking Dead Review will be up soon…
  • But True Detective is the show, okay.
  • If you guys don’t know how much I love True Detective, check out my Review of Season 1 here first of all. And when it comes to single seasons of television, the two I currently hail as the greatest single seasons of all time, the ones I reference in prayer to the TV gods are Breaking Bad Season 5 and True Detective Season 1.
  • I loved the first season of True Detective so much that I literally lent my DVD of it to my English teacher! (Who also loved it.)
  • Therefore, going in, I wasn’t expecting Season 2 to be nearly as good but this first episode was very decent overall.


  • So True Detective is a show on HBO that began airing last year in Season 1 with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.
  • But it’s an anthology style show, so Season 2 has a brand new cast and a brand new case to be solved.
  • Among that new cast is Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn.
  • And this first episode is mainly setting up these characters for the rest of the season, not dealing too much with the case.
  • And even though I won’t be including too many spoilers, I’m gonna issue an official SPOILER WARNING.
  • So if you haven’t seen this episode, feel free to check it out, I do recommend it, then come back and read the rest!

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser 2 Review


  • I’m not sure how far I’ll get, but there are still a few more posts I want to crank out for you guys before I head to LA for a couple days.
    • TV Reviews like Better Call Saul and Daredevil
    • Directing News in Superhero Movies, which I’m compiling into one post.
    • And the Batman v. Superman Teaser which I’ll review when I get back… (Monday is when that comes out, apparently?)
  • But we have a new Star Wars teaser, and those are always worth talking about!

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Mean Girls Review

First Intro Statement: Mean Girls is not a chick-flick, so let’s get that out of the way right here.

Second Intro Statement: Mean Girls has become such an icon over the past ten years with its references and impact on pop culture. The reason I’m reviewing it today is because there’s an “October 3rd” line in the movie, and October 3rd is National Mean Girls day or something…

But anyway, let’s get back to that first intro statement and dive into this review. Mean Girls is not a chick-flick. If you want me to be entirely honest, it’s a social satire on the political hierarchies and class system of what it means to be in high school.

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