The Expendables 3 Review

I was going into The Expendables 3 wanting one simple thing: good action. And that’s exactly what I got, with a few bumps along the way.

I did have a genuinely good time watching The Expendables 3, having no knowledge of the previous two movies, but just because I had a good time doesn’t make it a good movie.

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Bates Motel Season Two Review

This review of Bates Motel Season Two will contain spoilers from Bates Motel Season One, therefore I will summarize Season Two’s review in one sentence if you haven’t seen Season One: I recommend you watch Season One, and if you love it then you’ll enjoy Season Two; if you just kinda liked Season One or are indifferent, Season Two is probably not for you. So there ya go, and now I’ll review this season spoiler-free for anyone who has seen up to the end of Season One.

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