Mean Girls Review

First Intro Statement: Mean Girls is not a chick-flick, so let’s get that out of the way right here.

Second Intro Statement: Mean Girls has become such an icon over the past ten years with its references and impact on pop culture. The reason I’m reviewing it today is because there’s an “October 3rd” line in the movie, and October 3rd is National Mean Girls day or something…

But anyway, let’s get back to that first intro statement and dive into this review. Mean Girls is not a chick-flick. If you want me to be entirely honest, it’s a social satire on the political hierarchies and class system of what it means to be in high school.

The story follows Cady Heron as a sixteen year-old girl, who has just moved back into random suburban neighborhood after living in Africa her whole life. Lindsey Lohan (before she was, ya know, a nuthead) gives a really good performance as this smart girl acting dumb character. The character of Cady isn’t an entirely fleshed-out one, but she is a very interesting one to approach from a comedic standpoint. (Almost the same storyline is used in this old live-action show on Cartoon Network called Unnatural History that I absolutely adored when it was on. Check that out if you want a male-centric, action-packed, historically-thinking Mean Girls!) And the real premise of this story is Cady infiltrating the highest class at their high school called the Plastics. These Plastics are three bratty (but c’mon, REALLY attractive) girls that are the “we drink at Starbucks and hang out on the weekends at the most exclusive country club” girls, and they’re unbelievably believable in those roles. First you have Amanda Seyfried who doesn’t have much to do in the movie (though this is her feature film debut, so now you know why), but her role as the dumbest of the dumb chicks is really hilarious in the lines that she is given. Lacey Chabert plays Gretchen, one of the supporting roles. Her role in the movie is one of my favorites, because of the way she pulls it off. Her character (without spoilers) is such a difficult one to actually play and play well, but Chabert completely nails it. And then we have Rachel McAdams as Regina George, the ultimate spoiled brat of all spoiled brats. It’s hard to even describe here her without getting explicit, but trust me: you know who I mean. EVERY school has a Regina George, and if it doesn’t, then you aren’t going to the right school! She is definitely my favorite in that ‘love to hate her’ kind of way. Every time she’s on screen you’re waiting to see what diabolical scheme she’s working on.

This whole review could just be on the cast because there are so many awesome supporting roles. A few more honorable mentions: the love interest, Aaron, is okay. Functional enough for you to go, “okay, it’s a teen movie!” Tina Fey is in the movie (she also wrote it) as the teacher, and she’s laugh-out-loud funny in literally every scene she’s in. Then the trifecta of stealing the show: the principal (who’s name in the movie and real life I don’t know) was just awesome. I wish he was the principal of my school! Amy Poehler only steals the show a bit more than Tina Fey because of her role. Much like how every school has a Regina George, every school has a parent like Amy Poehler, and it’s unbelievably, gut-busting hilarious how great a role it is. And of course, Damian. Damian is one of those characters that makes the movie, and he really does. I mean, for the three/four scenes he’s actually in, you can actively see him making the movie just the best movie Mean Girls can possibly be.

But now is the beef of the review. The part where I tell you why Mean Girls isn’t just some chick-flick, watch it on Lifetime on a Saturday at 4:30 p.m. type of movie. As I said, this movie really is a social satire. It mocks all of the high school clichés and is so self-aware to the point of brilliance. This is a movie that all guys will laugh at because it pokes just as much fun at the absurdities guys have in high school as the girls do.

Leading off of that point is the replay value involved. I saw this movie for the first time in April for its 10th Anniversary, and then over the summer I saw it like 3 or 4 more times? Two of my friends and I were hanging out and we had watched way too much Futurama already, so this one friend of mine says, “let’s watch Mean Girls!” And the other friend hadn’t seen it before, so we did and it was great. Then, like, 4 days later we were hanging out again with a couple more friends and one of them mentioned he hadn’t seen it. So, hey, pop it in!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that everything in Mean Girls is so crisp and so clever in the best possible way. It isn’t really that deep of a movie, but I can still put it towards the end of my hypothetical Top 10 High School Movies. There were a few things that could have been touched up, but in the end, Mean Girls is a great time you guys need to check out if you haven’t already. Guys especially!


So guys, those are my thoughts on Mean Girls for October 3rd. My question to you all is: what is your favorite part from Mean Girls? Let me know down below! And as always, thanks for reading guys.


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