Why I’m Worried: Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe


  • Haven’t done one of these in who-knows-how-long.
  • As you all know, March is graveyard month of movies.
  • So in my attempts to keep you all entertained (and manage at least 8 posts on this site per month), let’s talk about a developing news story in the world of movies that’s pretty significant, and has just taken a dark turn…

Initial Announcement

  • Ghostbusters 3 has been in the works for the better (or worse) part of a few decades.
  • Ideas have been thrown around, ‘scripts’ may or may not have been written, we don’t know.
  • What we do know is that about two months ago, we got official confirmation that a new female-led Ghostbusters reimagining would officially be happening with Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon.
    • As for the cast?
      • I don’t like Melissa McCarthy anymore because she’s getting typecast. That ‘Spy’ thing coming out better be good!!!
      • Kristin Wiig? Yeah she’s funny. She’s kinda who you’d expect (so is McCarthy) but she’ll probably be good in the role.
      • Leslie Jones, I saw one Saturday Night Live skit a couple weeks ago with her in it. I had no idea who she was when she was cast. My friends were all confident that she’ll be awesome, but hey we’ll see.
      • Same for Kate McKinnon, but I saw her on the SNL 40th Anniversary show a couple time. My worry for her and Jones is not their comic abilities but whether or not they’ll gonna actually carry a movie efficiently. We’ll see…
    • I mean, some of the original Ghostbusters cast were “just-SNL” guys when they were tapped for their roles, but I don’t know, I’d like to see someone who’s more of an up-and-comer.
      • Rashida Jones would’ve been cool.
    • And Tina Fey or Emma Stone would’ve been awesome too.
  • However, I was still on board with this, it sounds like it could be funny as long as the cast is well-used and the script is hilarious.
  • My problem is this most recent announcement.

Recent Announcement

  • So earlier this week, Sony announced that in addition to the female-led reimagining of Ghostbusters, they’re going to start a sub-production studio called Ghost Corps.
    • And this mini-studio is meant to manage all Ghostbusters related movies, spin-offs, and merchandise.
    • The merchandise part? Rock on.
    • Future films and spin-offs? Whoa.
  • I think it would be really cool to see more movies if the female-led reimagining succeeds, but we also got an announcement that soon after the ladies one, we’re getting an all-guys Ghostbusters reimagining.
  • Let’s take it one movie at a time folks.
  • Movie studios nowadays are so desperate for huge, Avengers-style crossovers it’s getting absolutely INSANE.
    • Marvel, yeah they started it, they’re good!
    • DC, yeah they have enough to pull from. I’m not totally with them yet, but at the end of 2016 let’s talk.
    • Star Wars, there’s LITERALLY a whole galaxy of movies to do!
    • And Legendary has their monsters which could be cool!
    • But Ghostbusters? It’s a comedy franchise, and we absolutely do not need to make multiple Ghostbusters movies every year with spin-offs and a huge team-up.
  • Comedies are meant to entertain, not promote huge, larger-than-life event movies.
  • I just think that Ghost Corps (how insane of a name is that too by the way!?) will be too focused on brand-building, where you could make the ladies-led Ghostbusters a really solid standalone.
    • Then build a trilogy off of that.
    • If there’s a favorite supporting character, then maybe he gets a spin-off in a few years.
  • But this whole rush of projects and sub-studios? No!

In Conclusion

  • In Conclusion, I’m still a bit lukewarm about the new female-led Ghostbusters, but as long as the cast and director know what they’re doing with a capable script, I think we’ll be okay.
  • However, a whole franchise based around the Ghostbusters that’s supposed to do a ton of movies and probably run out of ideas sooner than they hope? No thank you.
  • The seemingly endless race to build a brand in Hollywood and do team-up, cinematic-universe based movies can be good, but only if there’s enough to keep it consistently good.
    • And with Ghostbusters, I just don’t think that there is.
  • And THAT is Why I’m Worried.


So guys, those are my thoughts on the new Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe a.k.a. Ghost Corps. What are your thoughts on the future of this franchise? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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