Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Review


  • And unfortunately this will probably be the last post I get done until next week, but I hope it’s a good one for you guys!
    • Superhero Directors, Better Call Saul, and some new release movie will all be reviewed at the end of next week.
  • But without further ado, Batman v. Superman!

Trailer Talk

  • So this trailer starts off and you immediately feel the repercussions from Man of Steel.
  • My main complaint with this trailer though is that it feels like it’s a Superman movie, and not a team-up movie.
    • Originally this was supposed to be the sequel to Man of Steel, but at a point it was announced that it was more of a Justice League prequel.
    • And cool, acknowledge what you are! But this made it feel like a Superman movie, I wish there was more Batman, but more on that later.
  • What I did really like about this trailer though is that the first 30 seconds really sold that this is a political movie.
    • The whole ‘False God’ thing written on the Superman statue seemed like something that is gonna play as a major theme throughout the movie.
    • I liked the voiceovers, even Jessie Eisenberg (who I recognized, but didn’t sound like exactly Jesse Eisenberg at first).
    • The painting of Superman as a God-like figure seemed really prominent in this trailer, which I think will be an important part of the movie.
  • The Dark Knight Returns was HEAVY in this trailer, which I really did like, even in the Superman parts.
    • I also saw the one shot in the trailer where Kal-El was standing in a huge mob of people, and some had their faces painted in the background, and I’m thinking, “is that a reference to the Joker?”
  • Some of the action in the trailer looked a little questionable, like Superman lifting the car.
    • This will probably be fixed in further post-production cuz the movie is still 11 months away, but a little questionable for the teaser.
  • If it sounds like I’m a little skeptical thus far, I am but then we kick into the part of the trailer I really loved.
  • The Batman part.
  • I loved seeing Ben Affleck look like he’s about to kick into action.
    • His version of Batman looks withered and experienced, which makes this Batman even more awesome.
  • I didn’t like that he stands on top of the tower and looks out over Gotham cuz that was an iconic shot in The Dark Knight Rises
    • I understand that it shows up in different incarnations of Batman lore, but when it was in a definitive Batman movie just 3 years before, don’t put it in the trailer!
      • The actual movie is fine, but the trailer? No!!
    • I really liked the end too, Bruce Wayne’s fighting words. “Do you bleed? You will.”
      • Cool
  • I thought the trailer seemed a little choppy in terms of editing overall, and just kind of thrown together.
    • That’s part of why it underwhelmed me just a little bit.
    • I’m not a snob in terms of editing trailers together, but it was a little messy.
  • The first Age of Ultron Trailer got me totally jacked up for the movie. The original Guardians of the Galaxy trailer did the same, ditto on the newest Ant-Man trailer, and so did the two Star Wars: The Force Awakens teasers.
  • Ultimately, the trailer said “in 2016” and ya, it’s still year away, I’m not totally jacked up for it yet.
  • This trailer was a cool tease at a few shots of the movie, but I liked the Comic-Con tease even more, and some teaser images I’ve seen have gotten me even more excited.
  • It was poor planning releasing this right after a new Star Wars teaser (I don’t care if it leaked or not) and two weeks before the Avengers.
    • Bad job marketing team, sorry!
  • I really liked the shots of Batman and the political aspects, but there was a little too much Superman and some kinda choppy editing.
  • I’m still excited for Batman v. Superman though, I just want to see the next trailer, or maybe re-watch this one a couple more times?


Alright guys, those are my thoughts on the first teaser of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice due out on March 25th, 2016. What were your guys thoughts on this trailer? Let me know in the comments down below, and as always, thanks for reading guys.


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